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Sell or buy a used Fish tank with stand - PawnGuru
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It is interesting that one manufacturer of tiny, high maintenanceaquariums recommends that you need at least a 6 gallon aquarium tokeep any fish at all. This leads to the obvious question of why theywould sell a tank that is only three gallons with instructions thatsay (though indirectly) that you will need a tank at least twice thesize of the one they're selling you if you want to keep fish... Eventheir own recommendations actually tell you to get a largertank...
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Home staging is the art of creating inviting and spacious rooms to sell your house fast. Aquariums are beautiful home decor items that attract a lot of attention. Glass aquarium tanks are impressive and create a challenge for home staging. A small aquarium tank can be moved or removed from a room for homestaging, but medium-size and large tropical fish aquarium tanks make home staging a bit complicated. any one selling their fish tank? - GardenWeb
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I totally agree. However, I don’t think stopping people from buying them would do much. WalMart doesn’t seem to care about their fish. they don’t (thank God) sell dogs or cats or hamsters, so why fish? Leave that to the pet store who know what they are doing, and care about the well being of their fish. I saw several catfish dead in a tank way too small for the at least 20+ catfish in there. We also saw at least 5 Oscars in yet another tiny tank with numerous other fish. Oscars get huge, and im sure the poor people trying to make ends meet that work there have no idea on proper care or conditions to school the customers to be sure they are properly aware of the needs of these fish. WALMART GIVE UP THE FISH, YOU MAKE PLENTY OF MONEY!!!After speaking with fish store owners, do research on species that might sell well in your area. Do homework on growth rates and reproductive rates of each species you're interested in breeding, their food needs and disease control. Take into account the equipment you'll need -- how many tanks you will need and how large they will have to be for each stage of fry development and delivery packaging. Excellent filtration is important to fish breeding, as is water quality, pH and temperature. Spawning occurs when living conditions are best for the fish.Freshwater aquarium fish include the most familiar, popular types of aquarium fish, such as guppies, black mollies, neon tetras and Siamese fighting fish, or Betta fish. Raising fish requires know-how and specialized equipment. A large area for tank set-up is required, such as a separate room in your home. First learn about government regulations and how you will sell the fish. This will help you decide if you can make a reasonable profit breeding fish.Please Visit For Aquarium and fish information as well as information on breeding fish.
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