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NoClean Aquariums™ - Self-Cleaning Betta Fish Tank! by Craig Wenger & David Turover — Kickstarter
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If you are lucky enough to already have a standard 10 gallon fish tank then the AquaSprouts Garden will make a great addition. If you don’t, head over to our to find one. This aquarium add-on is great for growing all sorts of plants including herbs, vegetables, and sprouts and more! It’s a good starter kit for those looking to utilize space indoors to grow plants if you don’t have the space outside. It comes with a garden bed, light bar (grow light not included), a pump and timer, and grow media. Again, this is an aquaponics aqaurium system which utlized the recycling of water between the plaints, fish and bacteria to keep your water clean giving you a self cleaning aquarium.
For the price of a small self-cleaning aquarium, you could buy your fish a 10-gallon tank and a filter.
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A self cleaning fish tank will provide you endless hours of enjoyment without all the hassle. Maintaining a regular fish tank can be tedious and time consuming. Self cleaning aquariums minimize the need for routine maintenance. Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank of 2016 - A Detailed Guide - Aquariphiles
Photo provided by FlickrHi so this is my review on the self-cleaning betta fish tank by noclean aquariums
Photo provided by FlickrStop worrying about noisy aquarium filters or wasting electricity with this self-cleaning fish tank
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Maintaining our in home aquariums can take up a large part of our day. Sure you could simply remove all of your fish and give the tank a through scrub rather than regular maintenance but this actually hurts the environment you are trying to create. To keep the tank going long term consistent action must be taken, and what better tool could there be than the tank itself?

When you find the best self cleaning fish tank that suits your home the work needed to house fish, frogs and inverts are cut back dramatically. Unfortunately there are far too many aquariums springing up that are far from self cleaning and actually cause more work than a plain tank.

The majority of the self cleaning fish tank designs are plant based, with a few that focus on unique suction designs. Most of the latter have failed but personally I've found one that works perfectly. Self Cleaning Betta Aquarium - Simply pour fresh water in, and dirty water is expelled through a tube and out of the tank while your fish swims happily within. There are no filters, batteries, or cords. First of all the design has to look good. While this may seem vain or snobby if the tank looks bad we probably wouldn't even want it no matter how well it works. That brings us to the second point, functionality. Just as design, if the functionality doesn't work the tank is of no real use to us. Of those that do work it's a question of how well they work.

The third and final condition is the size of the tank. Because self cleaning fish tank designs are hard to come by it is also understandable they have some limitations. Specifically plant based self cleaning fish tanks will not be too large, as plants can only absorb so much of the waters nitrates(the final product of fish waste.) Finding a balance between size and effectiveness is our goal here. After plenty of testing and returning we have found the best self cleaning aquariums on the market. The seeds provided with the tank are quick to grow and safe from even the least green thumb owners. Strong indoor lighting is more than enough to grow the plants, but some extra sunlight can really accelerate the growth. This is a trade off! Placing the tank in direct sunlight makes algae much more likely to appear. However when the plants grow faster they also need more nutrients and therefor clean faster.

It's a catch 22. Personally mine sits on the window seal with a black back attached to the tank. This prevents most of the light from getting into the tank while the plants are free to get all the light they need. Again direct indoor lighting will have the plants grow just fine, so where you put the tank is entirely up to you. Speaking of anywhere

The Tank Is Silent

If you have ever had an aquarium before you're likely already used to the constant hum of normal mechanized filtration and aeration. The tank in my bedroom cost me twice what the living room tank did as it had to be more quiet. Thankfully when I added this little tank the noise level did not increase. In fact I had to check the water pump myself as I thought it was not even on.

The pump was in fact pushing water to the plants, it is just a quiet pump. Add in the fact that the plants are your filtration and the tank turns to be one of the most silent tanks with a full set of equipment built right in.