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You have to keep an eye on ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and pH for any aquarium (even just a fish bowl). That's extra important in a saltwater version. For that reason, you can't stock as many saltwater fish, as their eating and (ahem) elimination habits will change these levels quite frequently if there are too many.
Can a saltwater fish live in a bowl - Answers
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Many of ours actual aquarium dream would have been to have a fish bowl with one or two fishes swimming in it. However, during implementation due to many realities, we end up buying a 10 plus gallon tank with filters, , etc. This is because most of the tropical or saltwater aquarium fishes need these equipment’s for their day-to-day survival. Nevertheless, here is the happy news for you, make your dream come true with a betta fish. Yes, betta fishes can survive in a fish bowl with proper water change and without any filters. In addition, there are many compact, portal tanks available explicitly for betta babies. They cost reasonable compared to other tanks and easy to maintain. Thus saves your time and money. You can also keep betta fishes in ornamental flask with live plants, like a decorative in your home or office tables. In addition, you can look at them often for a quick stress relief. You cannot have any other fishes in ornamental flasks, they can hardly sustain. However, make sure to do a water change frequently, so that your loved pet can live for a long time. It is not recommended, but yes, saltwater fish can live in a fish bowl as long as it is filled with clean saltwater/seawater every week.
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Photo provided by FlickrWhat to expect with your Salt Water Aquarium and How. The Fish Bowl Can Help. The beauty and intrigue of saltwater fish draws many people into the hobby.
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Saltwater Fish: Coral & Invertebrates
The Fish Bowl and More offers healthy saltwater fish from well known suppliers all over the world. We carry a good selection of community, reef safe and aggressive fish.Lady, You have deeper worries and concerns then if your place is going to smell. Bowls are for soup and cereal, NOT FOR FISH. How about we make your room, half your closet, and lets make sure you have 0 ventilation in that place. That's pretty effectively what you do to a fish when you keep it in a bowl. Freshwater, saltwater, coldwater, or tropical, ALL fish belong in filtered tanks. If you don't have room or time to maintain a tank properly, fish are not the pet you should be looking for. Ty success, Baffy, even a Betta, which is a tropical fish, needs filtration and a heater. Filtration isn't so much about keeping proper O2 levels as it is keeping the nitrogen compounds cleared out. You can't build up any beneficial bacteria in a bowl because there is no filtration. You said what you had to say very well, but seriously, all fish need filtration, some may not need the heater, like goldfish and other cold water types. To skip filtration though is going to lead to very bad results.Bring live beauty into your life with Tropical Fish Bowl in Lafayette, Louisiana. Selling saltwater and freshwater fish plus coral, plants, aquariums and supplies such as filters, gravel, and fish food, AND offering cleaning and maintenance services for home and office fish tanks and ponds, they keep Acadiana's aquariums clean, clear, fully stocked and forever beautiful.
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