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Personal Opinion: Store hard to find. Located in Har Mar Mall. (Havent seen a mall pet store in many years .) Store seems kind of small. Small selection of saltwater and small selection of corals. Prices are high on corals. Staff was nice but had to let them know I had questions. Was willing to feed any fish I asked about to show they are eating well. No dead fish in tanks. A lot of algae on tanks.
best selection in salt water fish and tropical fish and a very reasonable price.
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I have made up a list of almost every fish I could find that are still in business as of 12/28/12 in Minnesota. I am only including stores that carry some sort of saltwater life. I have written a review of each place. Will be ranking stores on prices with 1 being cheap and 5 being high. Saltwater Fish Mounts. With Marine Conservation as our core principle, we offer all sizes and species of the most popular gamefish from around the world.
Photo provided by Flickrshop for large selection of saltwater fish, salt water fish store, live tropical fish at price below wholesale.
Photo provided by FlickrWithout exception Nebraska Aquatic Supply will have the areas best selection of saltwater fish and coral and at great prices
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In the freshwater world you hear people talking about African Cichlid and New World Cichlid tanks, brackish tanks, planted tanks, predator tanks, etc. Well, the saltwater side of the hobby has some different types of tank setups as well. There are the Fish-Only tanks, FOWLR tanks (Fish Only with Live Rock) and Reef Tanks. These three saltwater aquarium types progress in startup and maintenance costs. Fish-Only tanks can be considered on the low end for startup costs while FOWLR tanks are moderatly priced and reef tanks could be considered high priced. Refugiums for saltwater aquariums are gaining steam these days as many hobbyists realize the important benefits these refugiums can provide.You want to have a successful aquarium, and there is nothing more discouraging than to loose your favorite fish, or a whole tank of fish. You want your fish to be hardy and easy to care for, and avoid inappropriate choices. Doing a bit of research before hand can help eliminate many aquarium problems and heartbreaking experiences.Take some time to look at the different species, and then make a list of those that you are most interested in. Compare your list with the suggested beginner fish, and eliminate those that are not good starter fish. They may be great selections for a future tank, but not so good for the beginner aquarium. Now you need to determine which of those fish to choose.Here are some guidelines for choosing saltwater fish.Cost is a very serious factor. Take the list above and research the prices of the various equipment needed to setup a saltwater fish tank. You will soon realize that a saltwater aquarium can cost significantly more to purchase than a . Not to mention that saltwater fish are usually more expensive that their freshwater counterparts.Oceans Direct is a premier specialty Saltwater Fish store in the Orlando area. We have over 5000 gallons and hundreds of species of Saltwater Fish and Live Corasl in our display tanks. When possible, we only buy Mac Certified fish to assure you the best quality specimen that the industry can provide. Customers love Oceans Direct because they find a larger selection of Saltwater Fish and Live Corals at lower prices than other tropical fish stores in the Orlando area. At Oceans Direct you will find a complete selection of dry goods for all your aquarium needs. We will meet or beat any of our competitor's prices. Stop by and see for yourself why Oceans Direct is Central Florida's Premier Saltwater Fish store.