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Now that you know what you need to consider and look for in an aquarium lighting, you can choose the right lights for your saltwater aquarium more easily and later not regret the decision you made. Happy lighting!
Saltwater aquarium lighting requirements are different for different types of tanks.
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First I'll throw the numbers out for those in a hurry. The lights have been tested to last for 40,000+ hours on average.

40,000/10 hour days/365 days a year = 10.95 years

That amazing life time brings the lights cost to the single digits a year for 11 whole years. Bulbs of fluorescent lighting cost well over that, not to mention the increased power draw they have. Given these numbers it is no wonder that the coral growing world loves the Finnex FugeRay for saltwater aquarium lighting.

With the lower price point comes a shorter warranty. Given that the lights last so long this is not a problem. The warranty lasts 6 months and covers most damages excluding any internal tampering or returning the light to Finnex without proper packaging. For more information on lighting & your Saltwater Reef Aquarium, please view our  &  article.
Photo provided by FlickrBut with the saltwater aquarium’s recent popularity, the demands in lighting are now high.
Photo provided by FlickrSo which one is the right lighting system for your saltwater aquarium?
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To everyone in the hobby saltwater aquariums can mean something different, making their needs differ drastically. Many owners go for a FOWLR, fish only with live rock, setup and will only need standard lighting. On the other hand there are reef tanks full of corals and light loving anemones who will need much more light than most fixtures can produce. With both of these in mind I've found some of the best saltwater aquarium lighting fixtures available. Read on for all the details. If you have a fish-only aquarium, then the answer to this question is easy—you change your lights when a bulb burns out, if you no longer like the look of the light, or if you begin to have issues with problem algae. If all you have are saltwater fish in your aquarium, than there is really no need to worry about when the right time is to change your aquarium lights–because nothing in your tank (besides coraline algae perhaps) depends on those lights for photosynthesis. So change them whenever they become a problem, they burn out, or you get sick of them. Our first contender is a common pick because of its easy entry price and highly effective lighting strength. The Finnex FugeRay Marine+ LED is definitely one of the best saltwater aquarium lighting fixtures out there today. If you have a reef aquarium (an aquarium with photosynthetic corals or clams), then you will want to adhere to a routine schedule for changing out your aquarium bulbs–continue reading below to see how the other factors affect when you should change the light bulbs for your saltwater reef aquarium. The Finnex bring in a lot of light strength for our marine aquariums. Even at the lowest price point of competing fixtures it remains one of the best saltwater aquarium lighting choices. The 10,000k white lights complimented by the actinic blue LEDs create a beautiful spectrum without drawing away too much power for color, ensuring the Finnex can grow most any coral you throw under it.

The light is distributed at the standard 120 degree angle, ensuring your tank has no dark spots without bathing your own floor in light.

A quick note I would like to make here is the lights overall design. You may have noticed it looks different that the standard forms of aquarium lighting. That is because it is designed to be its own heat sink. This means your light will not heat up and reduce its own lifetime. Additionally it includes a slightly different circuit board to extend the LED bulbs life. Despite being much higher power lights, the lifetime on these bulbs actually exceed the average LED light lifetime. Ranging between 50,000-80,000 hours on average you can expect the lights to hold for 14-20 years. It's actually almost inconvenient how long they last as it is fun upgrading our old equipment.

The warranty provided on the Aroccom saltwater aquarium light is one year. This gives you plenty of time to find any defects with your light before it starts is long life lighting your tank.