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Once the aquarium has fish and is fully cycled, regular aquarium care is needed to keep the tank stable, which ensures the health of the fish or other inhabitants. Each of our saltwater fish guides has specific feeding, care, and maintenance information. But here are a few general tips on feeding and maintenance.
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Today we are talking about Nemo! With the release of Finding Dory only a week away, we thought it would be a great time to share some important tips on how to successfully keep clownfish in a saltwater aquarium. This is our second episode in a three part series. Don't forget to check out the first installment on how to care for Dory, a Regal Blue Tang!

Extra special thanks to Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA ) and Sea and Reef Aquaculture () for many of the awesome clownfish photographs featured in this video. Be sure to check out their websites to purchase beautiful aquacultured animals and designer clownfish!


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Until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping. environment for your fish. So proper saltwater aquarium care
Photo provided by Flickryour fish. So as you can see proper saltwater aquarium care
Photo provided by FlickrTo provide proper saltwater aquarium care for your plants and
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There are many differences when it comes to freshwater aquariums versus saltwater aquariums. These setups can be quite different when it comes to initial and ongoing costs, everyday chores and maintenance tasks and care requirements for the fish and inverts.Saltwater reef aquariums are pretty and interesting, but also can be expensive, time-consuming, and messy. Here's how to keep them just pretty and interesting. This article is intended for relatively small saltwater aquariums with small (up to four inches or so), relatively inexpensive (up to $25 or so each) critters. Other kinds may require much greater care. The author has been successful with it, but reef tanks tend to need a watchful eye on them to prevent disaster.These are some of the more common saltwater tropical fish and provides information on how to care for saltwater aquarium fish. ,,, Cardinal Fish,,,, Dragonet, Eel,, Grammas and Basslets,, Jawfish,, Pufferfish,, Seabass,,,, and Trigger fish.As far as lighting, there are a lot of options LED lights are great. Try to go with a lighting source that doesn't emit a lot of heat so that hopefully you can avoid purchasing a chiller. But if you find that your water temperature runs too warm in the summer months then you're going to need a chiller. You're going to need a heater to. So you're going to need a heater, chiller, protein skimmer, a good sump preferably a wet dry filter and that should be able to take care of most of your needs for salt water aquariums.