3” Red & Black Butterfly Tail | Koi Fish For Sale - Next Day Koi

4” Imported Red & White Ranchu | Koi Fish For Sale - Next Day Koi
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Butterfly Koi For Sale Varieties - Butterfly koi varieties are determined by the actual color, the pattern of those colors on the longfin koi and the scales patterns of the butterfly koi fish. With no two butterfly koi being identical, the varieties are really limitless. The majority of our butterfly koi colors consist of white, cream, red, orange, yellow, blue and black. There are several popular varieties of butterfly koi, and their names and brief descriptions are listed above.
3” Imported Red and White Butterfly Tail | Koi Fish For Sale
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Strange how Wholesale Buyer JUST registered to brag about the high grade koi he bought from Carolina Fish Hatchery. And for the record....there is no such thing as a "high grade" benigoi. Benigois are usually culled at a very young age because the are not desirable for show fish. If they DO have high grade koi available, why are ALL of the koi pictured on their web site very low grade? Strange....... 6” Imported Red and Black Oranda | Koi Fish For Sale - Next Day Koi
Photo provided by Flickr5” Imported Red and Black Moor | Koi Fish For Sale - Next Day Koi
Photo provided by Flickr6” Imported Red & Black Oranda | Koi Fish For Sale - Next Day Koi
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Our koi fish for sale breeds include Doitsu-goi (black and red, white or yellow koi fish), Bekko (white koi fish with black spots), Asagi (indigo, orange and light blue koi fish), GinRin-Kohaku (red and white koi fish), Kawarimono (orange koi fish), Hikari-moyomono (brightly colored metallic koi fish), Goshiki, Kohaku (red, white, black, navy and blue koi fish), Kumonryu (black and white koi fish), Kujaku (gold, yellow, orange or red koi fish), Goromo (red and white koi fish), Gin-Matsuba (red koi fish), Showa-Sanke (white, red and black koi fish), Orenji-Ogon (orange koi fish), Platinum-Ogon (white koi fish), Ochiba (blue and orange koi fish), Tancho (white koi fish with red spots on their heads), Taisho-Sanke (black, white and red koi fish), Showa (red, black and white koi fish), Shusui (red, white and blue koi fish), Utsuri (black and white, red, or yellow koi fish) and Yamabuki Ogon (yellow koi fish).As one of the largest and most trusted koi farms in the USA we offer top quality koi and butterfly koi fish that are raised on our 80 acre farm in rural Amana, Iowa. Our Japanese Nishikigoi breeder fish were all hand-selected for body conformation, color, skin quality and pattern. They all originate from renowned koi farms in Japan such as; Shintaro Koi Farm, Momotaro Koi Farm, Izumiya Koi Farm, Torazo Koi Farm, Igarashi Koi Farm, Kaneko Koi Farm and others. We produce some of the most highly desired koi varieties including Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Asagi, Shusui, Kumonryu, Kikokuryu, Butterfly, Doitsu, Gin Rin and many others. All of our koi fish go through an extensive quarantine procedure before they are offered as koi for sale on this website.We have some very exciting live koi and goldfish items available for the week of June 2nd. Some of these are not available all the time! Dealers, view our current Availability List. Jumbo Fantails For a limited time we have Jumbo Fantail for sale. These retired broodstock fish average about 8 inches in length, […]