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Redfish (red drum) are a saltwater fish, how in the world are they able to survive in freshwater?
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SAN ANTONIO — A sight that brings back memories of anglers trying to trick Calaveras Lake freshwater redfish into latching onto bait dangled off the bottom has returned to the reservoir, only this time blue catfish are the goal.
Now that reds are surviving in freshwater, what’s the best way to fish them?  has the answer:
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Although the underwater predators are more commonly sought by fishermen venturing into their saltwater domain along the Texas Gulf Coast, the freshwater stocked redfish action goes on year ’round at Braunig and Calaveras. Anglers fishing both from the shore and from boats bring home their share of reds, and big bulls in the 20-pound range are not uncommon. freshwater fishing is techniques used to catch redfish are very similar to bass fishing.
Photo provided by FlickrAnd I don’t mean “brackish” water redfish, I’m talking pretty much pure freshwater.
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Lopez is among the countless anglers who have taken advantage of freshwater action for the saltwater species at Calaveras and Braunig lakes since the red drum were first stocked at the CPS Energy power plant reservoirs in the 1970s. More than 12 million redfish have been stocked at the two lakes that provide a warm-water, bait-rich environment for the saltwater natives.That early action has been another bonus for local anglers taking advantage of the freshwater action for saltwater redfish at the two lakes right in their own backyards.With high gasoline prices and the increasing cost of visiting the coast for saltwater redfish action, the freshwater redfish opportunity at the two lakes just south of downtown San Antonio has become more popular this year.freshwater aquarium fish the best colorful exotic tropical arowana red freshwater fish video

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freshwater fish arowana redUnlike saltwater redfish, which can be no longer than 28 inches without requiring a special trophy redfish tag, there is no maximum size limit for freshwater reds. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Depart-ment annually allocates between 1.5 million and 2 million red drum fingerlings for stocking into these lakes, primarily Calaveras and Victor Braunig near San Antonio, Tradinghouse Creek near Waco and Fairfield near the town of the same name. Red drum have been stocked into other lakes — Colorado City, Nasworthy and Coleto Creek, to name a few, but the first four named above are the prime freshwater red drum fisheries.­Until they reach around seven years of age, young reds are found in coastal marshes where they hatch. Then, they move offshore and only head back into marshes and ponds during the winter months. Redfish live in saltwater, but can also live in freshwater. You can catch redfish using natural baits like shrimp, mullet, and blue crab, as well as artificial baits like shallow spoons, plugs, worms and jigs. [source: ]In contrast, red drum in fresh water can be fished for year-round and can grow quite large, and there is no maximum size limit on freshwater red drum caught in inland reservoirs. Since the fish can live for years, they can achieve hook-straightening, rod-snapping size.