Apr 22, 2011 - Quick-Cure, 3/4 oz by Aquarium Products

Quick Cure by Aquarium Products contains 99.2% formaldehyde.
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We also sell what is left of the Aquarium Products line of treatments including Quick Cure and Clout, was sold to Mardel, now owned by long time aquarium products innovators; Fritz Aquatics
or the Manufacturer of Quick Cure (Aquarium Products now sold by Mardel) etc.
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Follow the instructions on the bottle very carefully and completely. Usually you just need to measure out the liquid in a syringe and squirt it into the water, although smaller bottles may have a built-in dropper to make it easier. If you would prefer to use a dropper, QuICK Cure by Aquarium Products is a treatment with malachite green that I have had a lot of luck with. The medicine won't be able to kill the Ich while it's attached to your betta, so you must keep using the medicine even if you don't see Ich on your fish. When the Ich are free-swimming, the medicine will kill them. Apr 4, 2000 - Quick Cure® by Aquarium Products
Photo provided by FlickrJan 8, 2015 - If you would prefer to use a dropper, QuICK Cure by Aquarium Products is a treatment with malachite green that I have had a lot of luck with.
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Formalin can be used in concert with MalachiteGreen (Leteux-Meyer Mixture), and is often done so for its synergistictreatment effect against ich (freshwater). Know that having both thesechemicals together also increases their ichthyotoxicity. Thus you arecautioned not to exceed specified dosages. Hobbyists are encouraged tobuy stock Formalin/Malachite solutions (e.g. Aquarium Product's"Quick Cure", Kordon Corp.s "Rid-Ich+"). Commercialinterests should see Noga (1996) if they want to make their ownstock.There are instances when parasites do not respond to Quick Cure, Aquari Sol, etc. Most often they are resistant strains and require a potent treatment. Formalin will effectively treat the disease as well as future follow up treatments and will prevent re-infestation from cysts or spores.

Aquarium Products recommends exhausting all forms of parasite treatment before treating with Formalin. Formalin was developed, initially, for professional fish breeders, keepers, and retail livestock owners; therefore, we recommend its use to experienced hobbyists. Novice hobbyists should consult their local fish store for usage tips and recommendations.

Malachite Green and Formalin: These two cures are often mixed together in products in the aquarium pharmaceutical world. Products like Quick-Cure, Rid Ich, and Ich Guard are the most common. The problem for scaleless fish and invertebrates is the malachite green. It is a very strong chemical used to kill fungus and parasites. It is toxic to humans if digested or breathed for long periods. Fish that are treated with malachite green should not be consumed by humans as the residue can cause fatal results. Malachite green stains silicone and decorations a greenish-blue color and is very strong. If treating scaleless fish species or invertebrates use only half the dose that is recommended and carefully monitor the fish in the tank for signs of struggling. If the fish appears to struggle remove it from the main tank and treat it in a quarantine tank with a lower dosage level.