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Just a little way out of the centre of town, in a small mobile cabin, the best fish and chips at amazing prices.

Friendly service and great food.
Dan McMaster, owner of Ligonier Outfitters, isn't worried. A fishing license is still a good deal, he said, even if the price goes up.
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When you think of consumer drones, the image of a quadcopter zooming above the treetops probably comes to mind, but drones can come in all shapes, sizes, and capabilities. The idea of an underwater drone is relatively unexplored territory, at least when it comes to consumer-level gadgets, but a company called Robosea thinks it might be able to change that with an adorable “robot fish” with a built-in 4K camera and a price tag that won’t make you cry. The only problem? First you have to . A $10 million purchase, at recent prices paid by the government, would be more than three million pounds of frozen catfish.
Photo provided by FlickrAlas, verifying who paid what for which fish is like authenticating the inflated prices that art dealers routinely report — all but impossible.
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It resembles the giant yellow croaker, a similarly huge fish native to China’s southern coast, whose bladder fetched handsome prices in seafood stalls for use in a traditional soup with supposedly medicinal properties.Nine markets in the Southern Region of Malawi were studied. The prices of 79 separate purchases were compared for market type, species, form of preservation, total length, distance of retail market from the capture fishery of origin, and distance of retail market from the main commercial center of Blantyre. Interviews with retailers and consumers were conducted to help interpret price data and better understand marketing procedures. Average prices were significantly higher in urban than in rural markets. Fresh fish were found to fetch higher prices in rural but not in urban markets. In neither type of market, a premium was paid for a particular species group or for larger fish. The implications for aquaculture development in Malawi are discussed.For more than a millennium, fish maw has been a favorite dish at fancy Chinese banquets, celebrated in large part for its supposedly medicinal properties. The bigger the bladder, the steeper the price. Those sliced from smaller species on the croaker family tree were commonly used in cooking, while the much larger specimens that came from the giant yellow croakers cost many times more and were consumed typically for specific medical benefits.Whatever the vaquita’s fate, the totoaba’s is also still unclear. The stepped-up enforcement is keeping some gillnet fishermen off the water and may encourage some to change jobs. But others are already casting their gillnets at night, or to the south of the protected area, says Rojas-Bracho, in search of totoaba to supplement their income. And while the current glut of totoaba bladders may keep prices down in China for a while, tougher enforcement is likely to lead to more scarcity—which will eventually mean higher prices and a greater incentive to fish illegally.