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The moorish idol, Zanclus cornutus, is a small marine fish species, the sole representative of ..
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The South American Cichlids are also known as New World cichlids and include Central American Cichlids and American Dwarf Cichlids. They are found primarily in Central and South America, with the Texas Cichlid found in the southern part of North America.This is a vast geographic area with greatly diverse habitats ranging from savannas to rain forests, consequently cichlids are found in a wide variety of conditions. The Amazon River contains a huge number of fish, one fifth of all freshwater fish species. Its waters are acidic and extremely soft, and much of it has detritus covered sandy type substrate.For more in-depth info see: South American Cichlids and Central American Cichlids are attractive, personable, and are generally quite durable fish. They come in a range of sizes and with some very beautiful colorations, making them favorite aquarium fish for many hobbyists. Many also reach an impressive size and are great for a large show tank.There are distinctive types of South American cichlids, including:
The  is found further north than any other fish species. It frequents river mouths and feeds on  and . It is preyed on by , ,  and .
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Fishes that spend time in (or ) need to be (tolerant to a range of salinities). Estuaries provide an unstable environment for fish, where the salinity changes and the waters are often muddy and turbulent. In warmer climates, estuaries have around their edges. At times there may be only a few different fish species present in an estuary, but seasonal migrants, including , , and some such as and increase the in the estuary. Reef and Wreck Fishing Species
Photo provided by FlickrPretty much whatever fish species you want to target, we've got you covered
Photo provided by FlickrAt times there may be only a few different fish species present in an estuary, but seasonal migrants, including eels, salmonids, and some forage fish ..
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Once of the most attractive and quite poisonous fish species. They have long red and white stripes. Lion fish is native to Indo-Pacific region, found in various colors The stripes of lion fish help them to defend against enemies. Lion fishes have the power to make instant movement in the water. It let them catch the prey easily. The size of lion fish ranges from 11 to 15 inches and weighs up to 1.5 kg. Lion fishes are also used as aquarium fish in many countries.
There are 40 different species of triggerfish in the world native to the Eastern Pacific ocean. The larger one among the species has a length of 3.3 meters. Triggerfishes have strong, tough teeths help them to catch preys like crabs very easily. The oval shaped triggerfish have various colors in different parts of the body, make them so attractive. The color of triggerfish varies as blue, green and yellow.The moorish idol, Zanclus cornutus, is a small marine fish species, the sole representative of the the Family Zanclidae in order Perciform. A common inhabitant of tropical to subtropical reefs and lagoons, the moorish idol is notable for its wide distribution throughout the Indo-Pacific. A number of butterflyfishes closely resemble the moorish idol.They can be quite fascinating and territorial, especially when they pair off and start to spawn. Some will tolerate tank mates and some can only be kept as lone individuals or in very aggressive species only tanks. Some retailers and breeders tend to keep them overcrowded in display tanks to try and limit the aggression and indeed it does seem to work. However, there could be many factors at play in this scenario. The water quality could be very poor, likely high in ammonia (and possibly nitrites) thereby causing them to appear more docile. theory is that a crowding situation prevents a lone fish from becoming dominant over a few. There are just too many other fish to dominate in a crowded tank. Once you get a few of them acclimated and at home in your aquarium the situation could be completely different.