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Predator Fish For Sale: African Tiger Odoe Pike Characin
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Maintaining significant populations and different variations of forage fish in a lake or pond will help to maintain the larger predators. Find live shad for sale in Texas at to introduce to a lake or pond, or to raise as bait fish.
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Fish that can live without water are found in Central Park.

An invasive species of fish that can breathe air and live outside of the water for days might be living in New York City's Central Park.

Known as the northern snakehead fish, the predatory species is native to parts of Russia, China and Korea, but it has reportedly been discovered in Queens and the Harlem Meer.

New York State has laws in place that ban the possession, transport or sale of the live fish and its eggs.

Park officials have put up signs that tell people who are fishing in the Harlem Meer not to throw the snakehead fish back if they catch one.

Melissa Cohen, the Department of Environmental Conservation fisheries manager, said that they want to "let people know that this fish is in there, if you find it please do not return it to the water, and it also helps people become aware that there are things in the water that should not be there."

Reportedly the fish can breathe air and live for days out of water, while other reports add it can also slither across the ground from one body of water to another. I have a few oddball predatory fish for sale
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