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Of course there is moss that is low in demand of lights and nutrients and the famous one is Java Moss! It grows in almost all conditions and is used in shipping shrimp or nano fauna all around the world – giving them something to cling onto or hide in. Java Moss is also used in refuge for fry and micro-organisms if your trying to develop a culture for predator fish. All this plus it just looks good, the dense green foliage that will slowly grow out. It’s pretty simple to maintain and in high tech planted tanks, it’s even has a more compact deeper green to it.
Can you keep live plants with goldfish? Will they all get eaten? What kind of live plants are suitable for a goldfish tank?
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The lack of CO2 augmentation in a low-tech tank essentially means that the rate of plant growth in such tanks is lower than in hi-tech tanks. Due to the lower growth rates, the rate of nutrient uptake by the plants is also correspondingly lowered. As a result, as in the case of Walstad like tanks, the plants can sometimes even survive purely on the nutrition provided from fish waste and decaying food. The drawback with relying purely on fishwaste and fishfood for nutrients is that the ratio of N,P,K (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium) in these are skewed out of proportion and can cause a nutrient imbalance in the long run. This can lead to stunted growth in some plants and can also make it very hard to grow certain types of plants which are specifically sensitive to one or more of these limited nutrients. The only things beside the tank that you're responsible for are the fish, plant seeds, and food for your new marine pets.
Photo provided by FlickrWe cover what we feel are the 7 best live plants for betta fish, each covered in detail to give you some decent options for your tank.
Photo provided by FlickrIn this video I will be going over my seven simple, yet sexy, red plants for fish tanks
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For easy to care for plants, your standard aquarium light, substrate and the natural fish waste should be enough to keep your plants alive. It is also recommended to add a drop of during water changes (check the back of bottle for correct amount, the larger the tank the more you will add).When you are choosing your aquatic plants you want to make sure that they are naturally resilient, hardy and low maintenance. The best plants for your fish tank or aquarium would be green plants. Green plants don’t need that much sunlight and care.Aquarium plants are a great way to create a natural ecosystem for your fish. If you already have an at home, your aquarium fish could benefit in many ways from aquatic plants. They get a fresh supply of oxygen and some plants also provide . Plants purify tank water by taking in waste to produce the nutrients they need. Plants also provide a natural carpet for the fish tank floor, a natural hiding place for fish that also conceals pumps and fixtures of the aquarium and creates an ecological balance in the aquarium.Actually betta fish are most healthy with a filter. They can get very sick if their tank is not cleaned regularly. Also yes, Java Moss does sometimes have a brown hint to it. That is enough lighting but make sure to turn it off at night for your plant and fishes best interest.If we add in a fish tank for aquaponics system aquatic plants which generate oxygen and are also good source of food for fish, will the nutrients be depleted in the water which supplies the plants being grown?Quite simply, aquarium plants will make your tank healthier, more stable, and more beautiful. The benefits to aquarium stability and balance are numerous. Water plants produce oxygen through a process called photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide, and they breakdown waste materials. Adding plants to your aquarium is one of the best things you can do for a stable fish tank.