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Aquarium Setup - Aquascape - Step by Step and Final Product - Live Planted Fish Tank
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On this video i'll show how to setup the hardscape for a planted aquarium. Adding fertile soil, rocks and wood you'll be able to see how i designed my new aquascape.
Planting video will be out soon, don't miss out on this journey "Into the woods".

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How to Setup a Freshwater Aquarium with Live Plants
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“ have no doubt seen stunning Nature Aquarium setups and have felt inspired. But then you take a look at everything involved in such a setup—all the high-powered lighting, exotic substrate mixtures, a chemistry set full of test kits, CO2 injectors, fertilizers, substrate heaters, expensive pumps, and strange plants never seen at your local fish store—and your motivation wanes.” aquarium setup ideas | Planted Aquarium Tank Gallery - Black Sand Beaches of Wainapanapa ...
Photo provided by FlickrPlanted Aquarium Setup Tutorial
Photo provided by Flickrplanted freshwater aquarium setup | Green Aquarium Plants
Photo provided by Flickr
In this video I show you how to set up a planted aquarium with dirt as a substrate. Most aquatic plants grow in dirt in nature, so it follows that dirt is the best substrate for aquarium plant growth.


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THIS IS How you do the whole thing...Both a DVD and a Digital guide are available at the link above....
So I am jacked about setting up this final part of my 4 75 gallon dirted tanks. I have been waiting way too long, but I wanted to do it right. I have ordered some zoomed lights and realized that if the lights came in, I wouldn't' be prepared so I got on it. This dirt came out of my back 55. Its nice because it has mostly already settled and it ready to roll. Stay tuned

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how to make a planted freshwater aquarium
planted aquarium substrate depth
planted aquarium substrate setup
planted aquarium substrate diy
planted aquarium substrate layersPlanted aquariums are living works of art. Plants remove nitrates and phosphates, helping to improve water quality between water changes in an aquarium. Planted tanks are not difficult or expensive to setup. The easiest to create and maintain is a medium tech design. Planted tanks can be developed from currently existing tanks with very few add-ons. They are not by their nature more demanding. What most planted tank owners do a few hours a day, really isn't maintenance. They just stare at their tank appreciating it and contemplating what to do next. Planted aquariums are easy to set up or keep.In part two of this series we will be discussing how to choose the right Substrate materials for your planted aquarium along with what type of fertilizers are right for your setup..
In Part 3 we will go over what kind of Plants will do well in what type of tank and Lighting, what kind?

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*All methods and ideas discussed in this video are based on what has worked for me locally with my municipal water supply and my particular aquarium set ups. This might not work for your aquarium set up in your area with your local water supply. I take no responsibility for any of the ideas that might be used from this video that don't work out to your expectations.Setting up a planted tank for the first time can be a daunting task. There is a lot of information out there on the net but there aren't any great "All you need to know" guides with all the information put together in one place. In addition, while there are some great forums on planted tanks out there, you will invariably find a lot of conflicting information being fed to you which makes it even more confusing for a planted tank newbie. While there are some great books for planted tank enthusiasts, the average person looking to setup a planted tank does not have the time to read entire books before they setup their aquariums. This was the motivation for me to put this guide together.