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Joshua Reaves holds the Red Belly Pacu that he caught recently while fishing in a canal in Mission. The fish, which closely resembles a piranha, is sold at many pet stores, including Wal-Mart, but grows quickly and eventually needs a very large tank.
Jul 8, 2014 - Piranhas attract a certain type of pet lover, and sometimes when the fish ..
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The red-bellied pacu, native to South American rivers, is a popular aquarium pet fish that can grow up to 33 inches, much larger than the space that smaller aquarium tanks can afford. Pacu are closely related to piranha, and although a mostly herbivorous species, they may also eat fish and insects and may take natural or artificial bait. Podcast - Interview about Piranha Realm. - Pet Fish Talk
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The gets one or two calls a year from pet owners or physicians wanting to know how to treat a piranha bite. But the experts there rarely hear about one of the fish nipping off a fingertip, said George Parsons, director of the Shedd's fishes department.People who fancy piranhas as pets may be more attracted to the grisly reputation and aggressive manner of these world-class predators, perhaps keeping them for their "entertainment" value. That's O.K. - it's human nature to be fascinated with morbid and gruesome creatures. But piranhas are also very beautiful fish. As long as anyone desires to take a creature out of the wild and bring into captivity they must take the responsibility of treating it with respect and good care. Believe it or not, there are people who actually keep piranhas as "pets". Piranhas aren't good pets in the traditional sense because you can't hold or pet them, and they aren't affectionate. Piranha owners still must be extremely careful of the fish's sharp teeth and aggressive nature. Keeping them well fed is probably the key to keeping them mellow. Some fish are so aggressive and predatory that it's best they live alone, but they can make great pets. Among these are the red-bellied piranha, the arowana and the puffer fish.The DNR thinks it was most likely a pet fish that someone set free. The fish have square teeth, almost human-like, and can grow to about 55 lbs, which is much larger than their piranha relatives. Piranhas can make interesting pets with their full sets of sharp teeth and their fast and furious attack skills. Keeping piranhas is a bigger commitment than keeping other fish as pets -- they require lots of space, and they can live more than 20 years in captivity. Meanwhile, their food and water temperature needs are rather simple to accommodate.