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Because of the danger to other fish and water birds, the sale of piranhas is illegal in the United States, Moore said. Lutton's pacu was examined by state biologists anyway, and initial concerns have been put to rest.
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Texas law prohibits sale and possession of live piranhas and other dangerous or potentially dangerous fish, but many states do not. Federal law prohibits importation of only a handful of fish - snakeheads, "walking" catfish, silver, big-head and black carp. 37 - 72 of 130 piranha fish art for sale
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Photo provided by Flickr1 - 36 of 130 piranha fish art for sale
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The most common aquarium piranha is the red-bellied piranha. The red belly piranha is primarily a meat eater. Piranhas can be bought fully grown about 6” or as babies, often no larger than a thumbnail. It is important to keep piranhas alone or in groups of four or more, since aggression among them is common. This aggressive nature will not allow a weaker fish to survive, and is distributed more widely when kept in larger groups. We have the red belly piranhas from the juveniles to adult specimens. Talk to our fish experts to see if you have what it takes to keep these guys. Animal Island Pets stocks some of the more common types of piranhas when available. Adults are best kept in large aquariums. We sell aquariums up to 220 gallons. Stop by and check out our sale items and fish.I am 100% positive that 7 of 10 stores in FL would not have piranhas for sale. The only lake I know of that was genocided (if that is a word) because of a reproducing population of piranha was located in FL. The FL DNR does not play around when it comes to this fish, because it actually can survive in the local water ways.This family of fish, native to the rivers of South America, has a very bad reputation for biting (and stripping cows to bare bones in a few minutes - not actually true), but several fish in the Pacu part of the family are farmed for sale in the markets, and they are really rather good eating. Pacus do bite, and one has a reputation for biting off the balls of skinny dippers, but they don't run in shoals like the famous Red-Bellied Piranha, which may also end up on the dinner plate.PIRANHA FOR SALE IN CANADA AND ELSEWHERE: When these fish are collected and shipped for sale, their size cannot vary more than 2 inches, as the larger Piranha would kill the smaller ones en route to the store or distributer.