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Nice variety of fish (including piranhas both small and large!) at decent prices.
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More than 1,400 fishermen in and around Mamirauá take part in the pirarucu management regime, hewing to quotas and tagging each fish they catch. Fishermen in 2013 took home an average of about $650 each from pirarucu fishing, a welcome sum in far-flung villages. Still, illegal pirarucu fishing flourishes in parts of the Amazon, lowering prices for the fish in street markets.
Items 16 - 30 of 47 - School of Piranha Fish in Color. Regular Price: $14.95. Special Price: $12.95. Add to Cart. Piranha Fish in Color. Piranha Fish in Color.
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As mentioned already, adult fish are more expensive, the price also depends on availability and demand. There are more Piranha species on the market, however prices for juvenile fish (up to 3-4 inches in length) are usually same/similar. Rarer species such as Serrasalmus rombeus, Serrasalmus elongatus, Serrasalmus gibbus can be purchased for anything up to $100 for a 2 inch fish.✍ Share your opinion or experiences regarding this comment Piranha Reg Price: $135 Sale Price: $95 Jonston Fish Prints, Shell Prints, Crab Prints, Lobster Prints, Jellyfish Prints, Sea Prints 1767.
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Photo provided by FlickrThe High Fin Red Wolf fish is the most colorfull of all the wolf species.
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“How much does it cost to buy a piranha?” is not answered just by the price of a fish. If you are committed to owning piranhas you must be prepared to buy a sizable aquarium and plenty of food to support the entire group.The price of the Humminbird PiranhaMax 143 is one good reason to buy it. But in spite of its cheap price, it offers just about everything you need to find fish and where you need to go when you’re fishing.