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Your picture of Neons are actually Cardinals, how do write an article on Neons and post a picture of the wrong fish, especially after you described their markings?
Picture of the neon fish
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Thanks, but I will not use any dividers. I only want a natural look for my aquarium and the fishes. By the way, the shape of my black neon tetras really look like the shape of neon tetras unlike the one on the picture within this article that looks like diamond shaped. And they are like cardinal tetras because of the blue line, but only black line instead of the red line on the cardinal tetras and they are so happy around the aquariums unlike the neon tetras that are a little bit shy. I’m so happy that I already saw black neon tetras in the wild in a video taken in the amazon. Picture of the neon fish.
Photo provided by FlickrShedd Aquarium, Chicago Picture: Angel fish and neon tetras - Check out TripAdvisor members' 51631 candid photos and videos of Shedd Aquarium.
Photo provided by FlickrTropical Fish Pictures: Neon Tetra Paracheirodon Innesi - My Tropical Fish Secrets and Pictures Gallery of Exotic Ornamental Fish Photos Collection.
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The Characins, mostly known for the tetras are usually a small and peaceful schooling group that remain one on the most popular kept species in the hobby today. New pictures are added as I receive them. If you have any colorful pictures of Paracheirodon innesi, The Neon Tetra, or any other tropical fish or would like to write a profile or a quick care statisticI have a sick fish - I believe he has dropsy because he is pine-coning but I am worried about a weird lump on him as well. I see another tetra or to in the tank with the lump and I was hoping I could get a more experienced opinion on the fish since I just found out about the Neon Tetra disease today. I have isolated the pineconing fish, but I am just hoping I don't lose the entire school. I have attached some pictures of the fish - do you think the lump is from Neon Tetra disease?Rainbow Fish for sale Premium Neon Rainbow Pictures: above: a 1.5" Neon Rainbowfish just like the ones we ship, below: a 2" Neon Rainbowfish that we raised up here with lots of tender lovin' care and lots of premium fish food. Click on these pictures to see bigger pictures. Premium Neon Rainbow, 1.5" to 2" long 5.89I really hope its not NTD. It doesn't look like any pictures I've found online. I have been checking on my other neons constantly to make sure none of the others have any signs. I treated the tank with a parasite med...not sure it will do any good since you can't treat NTD. I also treated the sick fish with two different types of parasite meds (I know I shouldn't mix, but they will probably die anyways).