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Their "no hassle" return policy must be called that because it is no hassle for the store to refuse returns without a receipt...but they don't offer gift receipts. So if you receive something from PetSmart as a gift, you are stuck with it until it dies. I should add here that though I did not have a receipt, I did have the original bag in which the fish were packaged that had the date, SKU and price for each fish on it. [To add insult to injury, the cashier who informed me of the need for a receipt showed absolutely no sign of sympathy for the fact that I had lost a pet. In fact, her insistence on seeing a receipt was so aggressive, I left the store feeling more upset than when I arrived.]
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there is a 14 day return policy on fish, but it sounds like the Petsmart you went to is a little ***.I work as a manager at a Florida Petsmart around the Tampa area and if you were my customer that 14 day policy can be bent to please the customer.