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Oct 1, 2009 - Most of you know about PETCO and their saltwater fish problems
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My local petco store ordered a powder blue tang knowing that I wanted a small one and called me when it came in. The price that they had posted before ordering was $54.99 in store and the online petco price was $39.19. I was completely fine with purchasing the fish for $54.99 in store. I received a call that the fish was in and when I came to purchase the price has jumped to $79.99 for a small powder blue tang in store. The price still remains $39.19 online. I also learned today that even though the fish has the same SKU online and it has in stores Petco will not honor their price matching guarantee saying that every animal is unique. I am a repeat customer that buys a majority of my saltwater supplies( 2 saltwater aquariums) as well as all my other pets (2 bearded dragons, 2 cats) items there. I also refer friends and saltwater enthusiasts to check out Petco. I am starting to think to take my business elsewhere if prices are going to be this extreme and inaccurate.
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Both the Reef Rescue Alliance and PETA allege that Petco's trafficking of marine wildlife accounts for significant deaths in salt water fish and reef degradation in Hawaii and across the pacific. They also say that Petco is selling reef fish knowing that the fish won't survive. Petco experimented with in-store fish warranty on saltwater fish. They ended it though, and don't expect it to come back.
Photo provided by FlickrEvery Petco I've been to for fresh or saltwater fish usually does not warranty their saltwater fish
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Are you thinking of getting a saltwater marine aquarium? Watch this video to learn helpful tips for how to setup and take care of your aquarium. From where to put your fish tank, to what temperature to keep your aquarium at, this video will teach you everything you need to know about caring for your pet fish. Do you have saltwater fish? Let us know in the comments below!

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Petco Official Website: I have actually had good luck with saltwater fish from Petco but they do not have any guarantee that the fish will be disease free or live through the first night but no one does. Buying inexpensive fish is probably fine because you won't be out much money if the fish dies but if you buy an expensive one, such at the $55 Blue Tang that we just bought and died 3 days later, they will just tell you sorry and you are out the money. Most local fish stores will usually work with you in some way, maybe reduce the price for a replacement or something but when I went back to the store, the Petco employee, just said sorry, there is nothing that they can do and then walked off so be careful when buying expensive saltwater fish there.Well I was contacted by a Petco Representative Via phone and they left a message. They said there is nothing they can do about it but to call them back. Why would I call them back if they can't do anything? Doesn't make any sense. Definetly not going to email about the 40%+ death rate of their saltwater fish, corals, and invertabrates. Only thing I would suggest is to train all your members how to handle specimines proberly such as not using a net to scrap an anemone off the glass or pull a starfish completely out of the water to bag. Also when fish are sick or have ich putting them in one corner tank of a whole system that is connected isn't going to do anything for the rest of the fish in those tanks but make them all sick. Very disatisfied and will be taking all of my business to either the local fish stores or petsmart. One of the advantages of aquariums is that they are perfect both for beginning pet parents and for experienced hobbyists. Whether you’re interested in setting up a large saltwater reef tank, a smaller community aquarium or a desktop betta bowl, we can help you find the equipment, supplies and fish that you’re looking for. Petco provides a single convenient place for you to find everything aquarium related.