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I find that if you keep oscars in a small aquarium that they will become more aggressive. But if you house them with the right amount of space they will become less aggressive. I have 3 oscars - a huge 14 inch oscar a 8 inch one and a 5 inch oscar. They all live in a 200 gallon fish tank. I can pet them to. This might not work for all people but it has always worked for me.
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MattsOscars wrote: My fish aren't my only pets, as I'm sure is the case with other members. Personally, I've got a cat and two children, the cat is probably the most civilized

I like O's because they do have that personality. I like seeing them excited at the glass begging for food when I walk by. I like the slower more reserved bigger fish than the spastic darting all over the place littler ones.

As for picking something I can't "hold" I'll have to get some video of me petting and hand feeding the fishes. They're more interactive than some might think Overall, Oscar fish make excellent wet pets. Please be aware that the Oscar cichlid grows really fast. That little 3
Photo provided by FlickrYou will have the best chances if you find a proven breeding pair of oscar fish in a pet shop at a good price.
Photo provided by FlickrChoose a fish food from the pet store made for Oscar fish or other carnivorous fish
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Before rushing out to buy your first Oscar take some time to look at what is involved in keeping one of these fish. Surprisingly, Oscars can live for over 10 years, that's the same as a pet dog. So it's important that you understand that getting an Oscar is a long-term commitment to looking after your fish's welfare. Your Oscar is going to rely solely on you to make sure that it's home is clean and safe at all times. Your commitment to your Oscar will mean carrying out tank maintenance at least once a week for the entirety of your fish's life. Changing water and cleaning substrate shouldn't take more than one hour every week, but it will be a task that cannot be overlooked or ignored.Oscars are available as pets in a variety of colors such as Red, Tiger, Albino and Lutino, which are not found in nature. Although Oscars are still usually fairly small at purchase time, sometimes only an inch long, owners must be prepared with a spacious tank to accommodate their large adult size. This growth is very fast, and you may see your 1 inch baby Oscar grow to an amazing 9 inches in the first year. Oscars can grow to be between 11 and 16 inches long when kept in good conditions where they can thrive. A clean, spacious tank and a healthy diet are both very important for promoting a large, healthy fish. Well kept Oscars typically live 8 to 12 years in captivity.Oscars, or Astronotus ocellatus, are an interesting fish that have become fairly common to the household aquarium. They are omnivorous Cichlids that are native to the Amazon River Basin region of South America. They are readily available as pets and are more commonly known by the names Oscar Fish, Common Oscar, Tiger Oscar, Red Oscar, Red Tiger Oscar, Marbled Cichlid, Velvet Oscar, and Albino Oscar.The Oscar fish, scientifically known as Astronotus Ocellatus or commonly known as a River Dog or Dog Fish, is one of the largest South American cichlids reaching about 12 inches long and is a fascinating fish to keep as a pet. Oscars are very docile fishes in relationship with its owner, but one must be very careful about its tank mates.