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This is one cool store. Not only does Atlanta Exotic Pets sell fresh and saltwater fish and aquarium supplies, but it also offers an interesting variety of reptiles and arachnids, birds and small animals. In the fish department, you’ll discover the coolest lionfish and freshwater blue angelfish. Atlanta Exotic Pets offers a selection to suit every taste and budget. Be sure to check it out.
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Welcome to the Bulk Aquarium Supplies superstore! At Pet Mountain our goal is to offer you the most trusted pet products at the best prices anywhere. To do that even better, we've collected hundreds of our most popular pet items and made them available as bulk buys to make your life easier. Buying in bulk not only cuts down on purchases to save you time, but also makes your pet's favorite treats, toys and accessories available at a much lower cost than when purchased individually. No matter what your pet's need is, you'll find the best solution for it right here.

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Sierra Fish & Pets was originally opened in 1972 under the previous name of Fish Gallery and Pets. We now continue operating our original flagship location,located in Renton WA just south of Seattle, which is a 7200 sq ft full line pet store that specializes in all around pet care. We strive at this location to be the very best all around pet store in the Seattle metro area. We are dedicated to provide the very best for pets health. We have all the foods, supplies, and habitats you would possibly need to care for your Dog, Cat, Aquarium, Reptile, Bird, or Small Animal. We have a complete aquarium service team that offers design, installation, and maintenance services for your home or office. We can also provide aquarium relocation, breakdown or vacation services for your existing aquarium.Lovin’ Arms Pet Center’s fish supplies would not be complete without decorations for your aquarium. From the basics the fish need to fun, colorful pieces that make your tank one of a kind, we have everything you need. Coral, rocks, seaweed, and small plants (real or synthetic) are popular aquarium additions. We also have castles, statues, battleships, skulls, and more to create a fun environment for your fish to play in.Lovin’ Arms Pet Center has aquariums to fit the breed and size of your fish and sizes that suite one to only a few fish as well as many fish. Aquariums come in a wide range of sizes from 2 ½ gallons up to 180 gallons. They can have the standard rectangular shape, round, or cylinder design. Our aquariums can be freestanding or made to fit into an area such as a wall or shelf. The type of supplies and maintenance needed varies by whether the fish are freshwater or saltwater fish and how many fish you have in one tank. When you purchase an aquarium from Lovin’ Arms Pet Center, our staff will guide you on what you need to keep your set of fish thriving and healthy.We always have a saltwater tropical pet fish specialist available during store hours to answer all your questions relating to the pet fish habits, compatibility of fish, disease diagnosis, feeding, supplement, and aquarium system configuration.