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The usual bottom feeder catfish that most pet stores carry is referred to as the common Pleco. It’s somewhat of a vague term to use just because it usually references to numerous species of plecos. The most common types are the Sailfin Pleco, Bristlenose Pleco, Amazon Sailfin Pleco, and the general Suckermouth Pleco.
People dumping their pet fish into local waterways could introduce yet another exotic species into the Great Lakes watershed.
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If you’ve never had a fish before as a pet, think hard before getting a shark. Owning a shark isn’t like owning a guppy. They’re saltwater creatures and thus need a lot of specialized care. So start out easy and work your way up to shark owner status. Pet store accused of selling invasive fish species - The Oakland Press
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Keeping a pet fish from an early demise and the big flush seems impossible, but the source of your heartache could all come down to the species you have in your tank. While some fish species require more care than others, there are several types that are remarkably low-maintenance.The colourful, vigorous territorial display behaviour of the Siamese fighting fish, , has great appeal for both pet enthusiasts and animal behaviourists. Their beauty, longevity, easy maintenance and rearing make them a popular pet and an ideal science laboratory specimen. This investigation utilises to test for the adaptive significance of defending a living space. Such territorial behaviour increases survival and is expected when its benefits are greater than its costs. Students can test this hypothesis by quantifying the fish's responses to intruders under different conditions in timed trials. The exercises enable college preparatory and undergraduate students in biology and psychology courses to investigate how decision-making by territorial organisms balances conflicting survival needs. Sample student laboratory results are provided to facilitate data analysis in the classroom. () displayed less to small intruders than large intruders that pose greater risk of territory takeover; and they spent less time adjacent to small intruders when highly preferred prey were available. These behavioural responses exemplify how a territorial species can reduce the costs of defence without increasing the risks of losing the territory.Cherry barbs may be labeled as in some pet stores, but rest assured they will not terrorize your tank. However, they may harass slow-moving fish with long fins, so if you have such critters in your tank you may want to skip these guys. If you have active species like those listed above you should be okay.Note to June: Test, test, test! Ammonia is the most likely culprit why they all died in the absence of evidence of disease. I personally recommend buying test kits for ammonia, nitrates, Ph, and maybe one for nitrites too. Most pet stores will test your water for free; if you choose to let them do it then take water in a minimum of weekly, twice would be better. I test at home, daily when I find a problem like Ph. The store will tell you what to buy to solve the problem. Use Seachem’s Prime on a daily basis until your test levels reach normal readings. As for what species can get along just read this site or ask for help from your fish store.