Aquavista 6ft Panoramic Wall Mounted Fish Tank

TV-Like Fish Tanks : Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium
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We do not try to sell you an aquarium and let you worry about the components. Like the Aquavista 500, each Panoramic wall aquarium is completely pre-assembled with everything you need to create a healthy tropical water fish tank. We even put in an automatic feeder to make feeding optional and a CO2 generator for live plant care. Best of all, the Panoramic is self-contained, so the aquarium technology included is not visible to the common eye. You can enjoy the fish in a beautiful setting instead of worrying about a bunch of wires coming from the aquarium.
Panoramic wall mounted fish tank
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From AquaVista comes the Panoramic Wall Aquarium, a relatively thin water tank designed to go on the wall. At nearly six inches thick, the aquarium is nevertheless capable of supporting a self-sustaining ecosystem for those colorful tropical fish.

AquaVista's creation also supports laziness, thanks to a programmable automatic feeder. That and the rest of the aquarium's systems, including temperature control, the air pump, and lighting are controlled through the touch-screen LCD on the side. This video gives a panoramic view of a large fish tank and was recorded at the Miami Metro Zoo.
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You’ve gone through all that all that effort to upgrade all of your home audio and television equipment, but your fish are still swimming around in that old school fish tank. Give that bad boy a modern day update with one of these Panoramic Wall Aquariums.Large Panoramic Aquarium Rectangle Panoramic Tank FP1 This is a huge fish tank that will make your entire room feel like it is looking out of an underwater window. The large size, as well and the modern, slimline, design is sure to make an impact.What the Love Fish Panorama 40L Fish Tank looks like and what it comes with. I got this as a present from my uncle and he brought it from Pets At Home. This tank is suitable for freshwater, saltwater and Tropical fish. If you guys have any questions comment below and I will either give you a link because I don't know or I will reply to you saying the answer to that question. Any suggestions for a video? The Imagitarium Gumball Freshwater Aquarium is a panoramic acrylic fish bowl with 7 multi-color LED light options. Setting up your ecosystem is a snap thanks to the aquarium supplies included in the freshwater fish tank.