Oscar Fish Tank Setup - Installing the Correct Size Aquarium

DO NOT attempt under any circumstances to keep an Oscar fish of any size in such a small aquarium
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Oscar Fish Tank Size : 75 gallon or larger. Care Level : Easy, good for freshwater beginners with a large enough tank and those with an adequate aquarium filter and those willing to perform frequent partial water changes. Size : 13 inches Temperature : 72°F - 80°F pH : 6 - 8 Hardness : 5° to 20° dH Lifespan : 10 - 13 years Tank Region : All over
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Oscars are popular freshwater species of fish, well known for large size and their dog-like personalities. keeping Oscars in home aquarium is indeed very joyful but providing them with proper tank setup is also very important to let them thrive in a perfect living conditions. Freshwater Aquarium,Aquarium Fish,Oscar Fish,Fish Tales,Oscars,Life Aquatic,Horses,Orange,Goldfish
Photo provided by FlickrOscars are great fish for your large indoor aquarium...beautiful to watch~
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Oscar fish are native to the slow-moving freshwater rivers and creeks of South America. They are a very popular aquarium fish and come in many beautiful colors. Oscar fish are strong, and can accidently jump out of the fish tank if they spot something above that looks like food, so be sure to use a tight-fitting aquarium lid with a latch for your fish. They can also pull up plants and even move rocks and gravel, but their antics will give you plenty to do cleaning up after them! You should consider the cost of keeping a large aquarium running 24/7. You will need a heater and a filter running every single day of the year. Because Oscars are tropical fish the aquarium water must be kept warm at all times. A 55-gallon aquarium is going to require a minimum of 200 W of heating that must be switched on all the time (imagine leaving the house lights on 24/7 in two or three rooms of your house). Filters won't use as much power, but they will still need to be kept running at all times. Many of us have water meters and therefore pay for what you use. The bigger the tank, the bigger the water change each week. Then you've got your food on top of all this, plus any medication that may be needed. The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that an aquarium doesn't cost anything to run. Big aquariums can not only increase your electric bill each year but also the water bill at the same time. Oscar fish need a large aquarium tank. According to , one Oscar needs a 75-gallon fish tank with a good filtration system. Two Oscars may need a 125-gallon or larger tank. Oscar fish can grow up to a foot long, and need a large tank in order to swim about freely. I'll get straight to the point, is your aquarium big enough for one Oscar, plus some tankmates? You should already know that 55 gallons is the absolute minimum for one adult Oscar. If your aquarium does not meet this requirement then you have two choices, either stop reading now and enjoy what you've already got, or upgrade your aquarium by at least 75% and then come back and read the rest of the page. Sorry if that sounds a little bit harsh, but that really is your only two options. Most of the fish I am going to recommend as tank mates will require a minimum of 50 gallons just for themselves, not including the Oscar. are the result of breeding red Oscars with common Oscars. The result is an attractive aquarium fish with a dark brown-black base color and red stripes. Tiger Oscars vary in the amount of red or orange on the body, so depending on your color preference you can find ones that are darker or lighter in color. The filter is the absolute heart of your aquarium. The filter is very much like the liver or the kidneys, it filters out all the horrible stuff and makes sure that your water is always nice and clean in order for your fish to stay healthy. It's very important that the filter you use is able to circulate the water quick enough in order to remove all those dangerous toxins that can easily kill fish. For instance, if your tank is 60 gallons, make sure that you are using a filter that is rated for more than 100 gallons. I think it's fair to say that we tend to go a little bit overboard when keeping Oscars. Oscars are messy, they produce a lot of waste so you need that extra filtration.