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Mum shocked when she ordered a table and chairs from eBay – and received 40 bags of TROPICAL FISH

Becky Smith, 21, spent £184.95 on the stylish dining set from a seller on the online marketplace.
But when the delivery driver dropped off two large boxes at her home in Harold Hill, east London, on Wednesday, she was horrified to see she had mistakenly become the owner of around 150 live fish.
Stay-at-home-mum Becky feared she had mistakenly ordered the animals before a red-faced delivery driver came back later that day to apologise.
She said: “I went on eBay and ordered a six-chairs and a black and glass table. They said I would get it in two days’ time.
“I answered the door they dropped it off. I took it in my house opened it and there was 40 bags of tropical fish. I was so shocked.
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A Restricted Species Transportation Permit is required for live grass carp, bighead carp, silver carp, or hybrid grass carp. Applications must be received by the Division of Fisheries at least two weeks prior to the proposed shipment date. A "Restricted Species Transportation Permit" shall be required for each shipment, except that extended permits covering regular periodic deliveries may be granted by the Department pursuant to Section 10-105 of the Fish and Aquatic Life Code. Triploid grass carp under 4 inches in length cannot be shipped, transported or stocked and may be possessed only by authorized aquaculture permit holders. Some exemptions exist for private lake and pond owners. Restricted Species Transportation Permits are available from the Division of Fisheries, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield IL 62702-1271 or by contacting . Jack Dempsey Cichlid at PetSmart. Shop all live pet live fish online.
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In Colorado, live fish importation rules and regulations are promulgated through the Colorado Parks and Wildlife under Chapter W-o of Colorado Wildlife Commission Regulations, articles VII #011 and #014: (Online permit application available) . Sharks have inhabited the oceans for hundreds of millions of years and were swimming in the sea while dinosaurs walked on land. They are one of the most important organisms in ocean ecosystems because many types of sharks are at the top of the food chain and thus are keystone species, which means the ecosystem relies on the shark for balance. If sharks ceased to exist, then fish and marine mammals would overpopulate and inadvertently destroy their habitat through overconsumption. You can read more about shark as keystone species here.

According to some sources, there are as many as 400 species of sharks throughout the world’s oceans. Most are grey, brown or blue in color.

Although sharks are often characterized as ferocious man-eating animals, there are very few shark attacks on humans each year. In fact, humans kill millions of sharks each year, both on purpose and as by-catch from fishing operations.

One of the most commonly sighted shark species at The Frying Pan Tower is the Sand Tiger Shark, also known as the Grey Nurse Shark.

Sand Tiger Sharks have sharp, jagged teeth that appear even when their mouths are closed, giving them a fierce appearance. Despite this, there have been no recorded human deaths from Sand Tiger Sharks, and they prefer to feed on small fish, crabs, and squid.

Sand Tiger Sharks are found throughout temperate waters and often swim along sandy bottoms close to shore.

As you can see from our live Shark Cam, Sand Tiger Sharks are quite large and grow up to 10 feet in length and can weigh up to 325 pounds. In the wild, they live up to 15 years.