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This is a rare specimen to come across, particularly in the aquarium trade, and here he was at Sun Pet. I knew right then and there that I had to have it. After waiting the obligatory few days so that customers could have a shot at it, I purchased the octopus and took it home. I was careful to acclimate it slowly, since octopuses can be extremely sensitive to sudden changes in water temperature and chemistry. After acclimation, I gently lowered the bag into the aquarium to allow him to venture out on his own. As he entered the tank—containing pieces of live rock, an orange sponge, and some snails—he quickly spread his legs as if stretching in all directions, and then he retreated behind the rocks.
Octopuses can be fascinating pets for people who have extensive experience with saltwater aquariums
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There are many options for enriching the environment in which your animal is housed, but providing an abundance of live prey periodically is one of the simplest and most satisfying for your animal. Even in locations where live crustaceans are not easily obtained (either as bait or from a seafood shop or Asian grocery), there are usually alternatives such as “feeder glass shrimp” available from pet shops that can provide a nutritious and stimulating treat for your animal. Other options are to periodically feed your octopus in a novel way such as using a bamboo skewer through a cork to feed fresh shrimp, or placing the food item in a plastic bottle with a drilled cork sealing it. Some animals will figure out these games very quickly and become bored with them again, whereas others may never figure them out and simply give up (Wood and Wood 1999). In any case, it is important for you to continue to come up with new ideas to challenge your pet, and a variety of aquarium safe (i.e., nometal!) toys (such as a ping-pong ball or some cat toys) for your pet to amuse themselves. Giant Clams And Octopuses For The Reef Aquarium - Petcha
Photo provided by Flickrneeds, octopuses can make wonderful aquarium pets if these requirements are met.
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Are you ready to keep a new pet: something different, challenging, intelligent, and cunning? A creature that has entirely too many plural noun names: octopuses, octopi, octopods, octopoids, octopodes, octopussies (Lane)—and you thought ozone kinetics was confusing! A creature that has a reputation and a place in folk lore. Octopuses, or devil fish, have battled at least a few epic heroes to the death and have allegedly attacked and sank ships in order to dine on sailors. Whether in fiction or fact, octopuses are amazing creatures; and with preparation and knowledge, they can be successfully maintained in a home aquarium.I know a couple people who obtained a mimic octopus or a close relative including TCP's Dad, Dr. Wood. Therein lies the flipside to these marvelous animals: in the home aquarium Mimic Octopuses are VERY difficult to care for, and they don't display any of their famous mimic behaviors. In capitivity, they lead a life of stress and fear, never acclimating to their owners like bimacs or vulgaris' do. They feed only reluctantly and one must wait until the wee hours of the night to ever see their pet. Cuttlefish are the kings of skittish sea life, and many species are just NOT right for an aquarium. Contained in glass, they are doomed to slam into aquarium sides at cuttlefish warp speed every time a light comes on, a person looks into the tank, the cat walks by, etc. Their death will be slow and agonizing, as the wounds from slamming the glass (we call it Butt Burn) eventually infect and takes the life of the cuttlefish. It isn't fair to the animal when there are so many better cephalopod pets.The Cephalopod Page's Advice:

Usually, hobbyists interested in keeping a pet cephalopod (you should stick with Octopus or Cuttlefish - Squid don't survive well in aquaria) should first consider buying one at their local aquarium store. Even if they don't regularly stock cephalopods, most good saltwater shops can special order an octopus (and in rare cases, a cuttlefish) if it is requested. The main advantage one gains by going through a pet store is in cost—and it's a big difference. Because pet stores buy through distributors and in bulk quantities, a cephalopod at the local shop will cost nearly half of what it would to get through the mail: overnight shipping is expensive and saltwater is heavy; not to mention if the shipment has to cross a national border and become mired in red-tape permits and government bureaucrats that think cuttlefish are fish and octopuses are not because the word fish is not part of their name. Although some retailers will require a deposit to cover their risk, another advantage to the consumer lies in the fact that you normally get to examine the animal and ask the shop owners and caretakers questions about it before you make it your pet.

Here's The Caveat:If you have had some experience with marine aquaria and are interested in a different and fascinating marine invertebrate that can truly be called a pet, perhaps an octopus is for you.