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I noticed that my Drs Foster and Smith magazine sells Nori as fish food
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As a few final notes, in Robert Fenner's (refer to the "Seaweed For Food" topic), he suggests looking for other types of algae for human consumption like kombu, which he states can also be found in Asian grocery store food departments. Even though nori is very inexpensive and can be messy to deal with, more expensive fares like Seaweed Salads, Selects, Julian Sprung's Sea Veggies and other brands of manufactured algae or seaweed based foods can be purchased readily at fish stores.
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Something to remember when you first start to feed your fish and other tank inhabitants nori is that often they are afraid of it to begin with because they are not used to seeing something strange drifting or waving around in their tank. They may avoid it until they get used to seeing it and figure out that it is food. Find Nori Fish Food | Drs. Foster & Smith
Photo provided by FlickrI make my own frozen fish food and I also add a package of nori to it.
Photo provided by FlickrNori Seaweed - Reef Fish Food for Sale at AquaCorals!
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I had heard that the expensive nori strips in fish stores are in fact just purchased from asian food stores. I went into town and found an asian food market and purchased some "Roasted Seaweed Yaki Nori". There were two choices, red and purple. I bought the Red but I am not sure if this is what I can feed my tangs. I bought it for $14 which is still expensive but that was for 100 sheets. Any thoughts on what I bought and where I can get cheaper would be great. Thanks I git my nori from walmart. 20 sheets for less then 2$ ! It`s toasted too.I’ve been reading since CliqueClack Food came into existence. My sushi experience is limited to trying once, and it was horrifying. Raw fish is just not my friend. Yet, Debbie had me very intrigued with all of these tasty-sounding vegetarian combinations. Plus, I had never given nori a shot.There are usually two kinds of nori to choose from, red, which sometimes looks dark purple in color, and green, but occasionally fish stores may carry a brown type that is often favored by some surgeonfish species. It usually comes packaged in full sized sheets, but you may find it already cut up into pieces and prepackaged by some aquarium stores or suppliers. We have always bought nori from the oriental food section of our local grocery store, packaged in 10 - 8 inch x 8 1/2 inch sheets. Our preference is towards the green kind because it seems to dissolve more slowly than the red, making feeding with it a little less messy.Sheet algae, also known as nori, is a great food to feed your saltwater fish. Just like humans, some fish have preferences so here’s how to find out what your fish like (and don’t like)Nori (Porphyra sp.) and other macro-alga are an important part of the food chain and provide omniverous and herbivorous fish a crucial source of plant proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates.Here ya go with no cap on the bottom. My tang is feasting on the nori. Now I attach the nori to the top part of the pipe and the cap on the bottom. Also, the fishing line going through the top keeps frozen food from floating out.