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Hi i am wanting to get some NLS food for my fish but dont know which is best
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The only other food these fish received over the past 4-5 weeks, is some Nutrafin Max Spirulina flakes fed as a 'supplement' every few days. Approx 85% of their diet consisted of NLS Cichlid Formula.
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Seriously though, NLS pellets aren't ideal for tetra type fishes. Someone's poop is far from food..... but again I guess some are just too childish to see the difference. Agreed Snowman, that's why the staple food I give all my fish is NLS.
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We kept all the fish at the store on NLS exclusively. In the store we accidentally bred gold barbs, galaxy rasboras, goldfish, discus, crayfish, clownfish, and more, all on NLS exclusively. Our fish settled in faster than I have ever seen before. Stingrays would be on it within days (a day or two on blackworms just to get them started and to associate the bowl with food then within a couple of days they were on just the pellets). What I have seen over the years personally and at the store has proven to me that at least for now NLS is by far the hands down best food on the market. It is unbelievable what results this food can produce and I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it do what it does with all these different types of fish. Being in retail and service has let me watch tanks of mbunas and other species with sensitive digestive systems thrive on the food for years without a single occurrence of any problems. I have seen wild caught fish take to it in days. I have seen Moorish Idols (a species that shouldn't be in the hobby because they almost never settle in and start eating) take to NLS within a week and settle in on it. I have seen corals grow well with weekly feedings of NLS pellets. In my experience I would say it is negligent to be in this hobby and not try feeding NLS exclusively for a few months. Out of all the customers and clients I had do this not one has ever come back and say it didn't improve things. Most saw better colors, and cleaner tank, better health, and even breeding. The only issue I have ever had with NLS is with goldfish, I am not sure it had anything to do with the food. My fancy goldfish would thrive for 6 months to a year and eventually start having swim bladder problems (not digestive system buoyancy problems, it was their swim bladder). Because of this I am trying a mix of the best stuff on the market for them. This mix includes New Era Algae Pellets, New Era Goldfish Pellets, Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish Pellets, Cobalt Fancy Goldfish Pellets, Hikari Seaweed Pellets, Two Little Fishies Green Seaweed, and Hikari Lionhead. This has been good so far but I have not been doing it long enough to know whether this is the fix to whatever issues were going on. I don't know what the problem was (there shouldn't have been anything), but out of desperation I have decided to try a different diet. Since you are the one in control of their well being, you should feed accordingly; if they get too fat, cut back, if they look too thin , increase the food. I am sure "any" formula you choose will be appropriate for your rainbow fish. If you decided to use NLS, you will be amazed with the results. I have kept far more complicated species of fish ( coral eater, coral polyp eater, sponge eater, turnicate eater, fish eater, crustaceans eater, algae eater...etc.) in prime condition for almost 10 years with NLS exclusively. Good luck!