My betta fish are named Galaxy, constilation, zippy, and Neptune

IDK how to comment so I’m replying…My first betta fish name was filetto, like filet-o-fish
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I have a fish tank in my office. Right now it has only two fish. It could use one more. When students come into my office they want to feed them and I let them. Preschool students to high school students like to gaze at them. The soft sound of the bubbler is calming. If you put your finger to the glass of the tank one of them will come check it out. If you move your finger the fish will follow. This fish has been given many names.
I didn’t see it on the list, but do you think I can name my new brownish betta fish Nutmeg? Thanks!
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The skunk (Yasuhikotakia morleti) also sells under several other names: skunk botia, Hora’s loach, dwarf skunk loach and others. It’s a cute little fish, growing to about 4 inches. Sadly, it often becomes nippy. Many hobbyists have no trouble with it at all if it is kept well-fed and fat. Others find it to be nothing but a nippy sociopath. For my blue betta fishes name I called him ocean
Photo provided by FlickrI usually name my fish after the superhero’s secret identity, like Bruce (for batman) and Barbara (for Batgirl)
Photo provided by FlickrWhy not the names Gills or Gill and Pepper, Coral (my previous fishes name) , Fin, Comet, Remedy, Kiwi, Kiki, and Emerald
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: I always have problems naming my pets too. A trick I found is to search for names that start with the same letter as what type of animal you are trying to find a name for. In this case, the animal is a goldfish and that starts with a “g” so then I would search for animal names that start with that letter.“What should I name my betta fish?” This can be a dilemma of a choice and the name needs to suit your fish’s personality. What is that perfect name though? It’s probably bugging you to the max because that perfect name is at the tip of your tongue but you just can’t say it right?: We just got two new Ryukin fish and they are awesome. My wife decided to call one of them PUMPKIN and that’s a good one. I told her I would think of the other’s name. I ran out of patience and creativity so I have come here. This is a lot harder than I thought. Everyone likes to think they are creative.. but when you have to think of things like this it’s tough.
I always prefer japanese names for my bettas like Naruto, Takeshi, Akira or Kitaro and for my godfish it´s the same 😀 I have a for all my tanks. Message me if you want images. All my water is crystal clear.This repository contains a list of public Fish packages that can be installed by name using Oh My Fish. The goal of this repo is to maintain a discoverable index of quality Fish packages that can easily be maintained by the Fish community.
I had a lot of issues naming my male betta just because it seemed like every name I liked just didn’t suit him. Maybe that sounds stupid but I’m a big believer in a name suiting a person or animal that holds it. I wound up naming him Andy and it suits him just perfect. Sometimes you just have to have your fish for a week before you name it just to see what it’s traits are like.Searches Oh My Fish's database for a given package, theme or both. It also supports fuzzy search, so if you are not sure of the name you can simply .I also bought some white gravel am going to mix it with some blue smaller rock so that it has a mixed look. I really like aquariums that have a mixture of the gravel colors it really looks cool if you choose the right colors. I understand that buying a 10 gallon aquarium for one day officious kind of dramatic but I just decided to go with that route. And here I am looking for a good name so I can call my beta fish really spectacular name.