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How do I take my pet fish tank out for a walk
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I bought an ornament intended for aquariums at the pet store, at the same time I bought some new fish for the mature tank. I added some Rx to the tank, as I always do when adding new fish. Fish began to die. I couldn't see any symptoms, like ich or fungus. After awhile, I noticed the painted ornament was turning green (from brown). I saw that the paint was chipping, and it scraped off with a fingernail (while wet). I've removed it. Could it be that the ornament has been poisoning my fish? I did about an 80% water change and cleaning. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks
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I am a PETA supporter and love animals and still was stupid enough to buy fish without sufficient knowledge. I saw them swimming around in crowded tanks in the pet store and felt I had to save at least some of them. I bought the best products and read a lot on proper care on the internet and committed myself to being the best fish owner out there. I trusted the people at the pet store to educate me fish pairing. I didn’t think the pairing could be as complicated as it actually is. The fish species I was sold did not get along and two of my poor fish died which I believe was due to stress. I have never been so heartbroken and disappointed knowing that as an animal lover I have failed and I imagine there are people worse than myself out there giving even worse care to these poor beings. I hope that there can be more awareness around this subject so that no one can make the same mistakes I did. Pet stores should not be able to sell you incorrect fish pairings. I know it’s my fault too and wish I had read this before 🙁 Pet Fish Care : How Do I Get Rid of Bubbles in My Fish Tank? - YouTube
Photo provided by Flickrtank to get even more fish, which I buy from a variety of pet stores near my home.
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Music for hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, gerbils, birds, pigs and more.Hi my tank was new up and running 2 weeks before. I got my first 3 fish clown loach. Have it well aired with 2x air stones have a bio filter with great flow. Trying to keep this short. But yeah had the loach 2 weeks all seem to be going great. Api tester 5 in 1 kit all was on ideal to chart. So went to shop got me 6x cardinal tetra 2x dwarf sucker mouths 6xcherry barbs. Climitised as supposed to. Few days in I noticed cherry barbs gasping for air did another test was good also. A day later I noticed a break out of spots imidietly realised they had freaking ich.. 😔 So went got api white spot treatment removed all rocks and media from filter this treatment is a 2 part treatment. 4days then a 15% water change then a further 4 days 😔 All fish have become stressed in this period of treating. Wiped out all 6 cherry barbs which truly not happy about. but rest are still with me thankfully so now I have done a 30% water change put all plants decor back in etc… All seem fine but one loach. Seems to be just not moving at all much just hovers a little near front of tank as if saying help something is wrong. Is there anything I can do now! Or do I just let all settle over next week! Or do I get some live bacteria and add to me pets home! Any help appreciated many thanks in advance.I bought Mike a small starter 24 litre fish tank and pump kit from our local Pets At Home store. He loves watching my pet fish and snails in my big fish tank as they help to calm his anxiety attacks down due to his autism so I thought it would be a great idea to have a small tank in our bedroom. Check out this first impression video to see Mike's view of the little tank :)I am a beginner. I have a 40 gallon tank with four glo-fish and one platy. Chloramine is added to my city water. I can buy RO/DI water from my local pet store however it is a distance away from my home. So, would it be possible to use a water conditioner, such as Prime, to remove the chlorine and chloramine; would this make the water safe for the fish? Are these types of water conditioners effective at removing such chemicals from tap water? Thanks!