My first fish by Natalia Zakonova

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One of my favorite parts of a C.A.S.T. for Kids event is seeing a child catch their first fish. I’ve seen it happen many times, and it’s always a thrill for everyone around.
“: My first fish by Natalia Zakonova ”
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I would have to say guppies!
When I just a boy, old enough to have my first tank, my dad started me on guppies; inexpensive, quite hardy, easy breeders… before I knew it I had three tanks going and was working on breeding my own fancy combos.
don’t think you could go wrong with guppies
I have raising and breeding a variety of fresh water fish ever since. It’s a great hobby!
Rit Caught my first fish of the year at the ranch, then caught a big daddy!
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Welcome to the First Tank Guide. These are my guidelines for, , or . Theinformation provided here is intended to help , and to provide a reference for those who are in theprocess of upgrading their tank or looking for information on . I hopethat you will find the information available here to be useful as youare oractually , and thatyou return to the site to get more information as you venture furtherinto your aquarium keeping adventure and need greater information onfish keeping and relevant .Our flyfishing trip in Sitka with Tad Kisaka of Classic Casting was absolutely great! It was my first experience with fly fishing - Tad's a great instructor and he brought us to a lovely river. We had great equipment - rain gear, fishing gear, his boat. I caught a Dolly Varden and two rainbow trout. My husband caught two steelhead....What an amazing trip it was…we caught two crayfish and about twelve big fish! We also had a little octopus visitor on our boat for a bit which was very cool! I was so excited when I caught my first fish, I think I caught four in the end and three of them were big enough to keep, so a pretty good hour out on the water! During the trip we also saw the worlds smallest penguins, I don’t know if you remember me saying how I thought we had seen penguins when we first came South and that I actually didn’t think they were them, but they were!! There were also lots and lots of huge Albatross which really were amazing! Unfortunately it was quite wavy out at sea and so after a while and definitely on the way back in I started feeling really sea sick, but it was completely worth it for the amazing hour we had! Gerry, who owns the boat and led the trip was extremely kind and gave us a cup of tea when we got back, he offered us to come round a bit later for a glass of wine and to cook our crayfish for us. After he had cooked it up, we headed, with the rest of our catches to the fish and chips shop, where they cooked and battered our fish up and served it with chips…delicious! We were rather full having had a crayfish and half of our fish and chips, and so are saving the rest till tomorrow.This was one of the highlights of our vacation! We caught just enough fish to take back to the house and cook. There was 8 of us on this trip and all of us caught at least 2 fish per person. Some more then others of course. The fiance and I loved was my first time fishing and I...