Sep 2, 2009 - My betta fish Shelbi has fin rot now

Hi, My betta fish has definitely come down with some fin rot
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If you do not see signs of fin rot, you can leave a betta with a torn fin to heal on his own. If your betta lives in heated filtered water, the fish will likely heal quickly. Some sources indicate that feeding foods with B vitamins like Daphnia may improve fin regeneration. However, fin damage that has a fuzzy or slimy-looking coating, or a ragged margin rather than a clean split, is indicative of fin rot and need to treat it.
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My betta fish Shelbi has fin rot now. His water is and has been pristine with the parameters at their perfect spots. He had blackened tips when I bought him but I thought it was just his coloring. Now his fin tips are damaged and broken. I did and checked his water repeatedly before getting medications to see if he could heal himself but he just got worse and I didn’t want to waste time while his tail dissolved away. I kept him in unmedicated, clean water for a month and a half. When it just kept getting worse, I went to the pet store and bought T.C. Tetracycline and Maracyn-Two. My other fish, Ember had gotten fin rot now, too because I didn’t have another tank to separate him from Shelbi. Ember cleared up almost immediately and I bought a hospital tank for Shelbi. Shelbi has gone through two Tetracycline treatments to no avail. I started Maracyn-Two yesterday and no improvement yet. What else can I do? I have attached a couple pictures of his fin rot. Will his tail grow back the same as it was? Right now it looks very tattered and short and the fin rot is progressing, fast. How long does it take to grow back and regain color? My betta fish has got fin rot He is in a 2 gallon tank not filtered i do wa.
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If prevention of fin and tail rot has failed you, you hadn’t yet learned how to prevent it, or you just managed to buy a fish already suffering from fin rot, don’t worry. Fin rot treatment is easy and medications are readily available from local fish stores and online vendors. In most cases treatment for fish fin rot is as easy as dropping some tablets or drops in the water. In my experience, the most effective fin rot medications come from Mardel. Mardel makes a variety of very effective fin and tail rot medications such as Maracyn, Maracyn-Two, Maracyn Plus Antibacteria and Tetracycline. I have found that doing a partial water change before adding the medication yields faster and better results. This is especially true if you are dealing with betta fin rot or gold fish fin rot. Betta and goldfish fin rot can also be combated by raising the temperature a few degrees along with the fin rot medication. Cooler water can sometimes provide better conditions for the fin rot bacterium. I recommend keeping fin and tail rot treatment on hand at all times. In my experience, it seems that problems in the fish tank are usually noticed after normal business hours or on weekends when getting the right meds can be hard. Knowing how to identify and properly cure fin rot is important to all hobbyists. Make certain to read and closely follow the directions for any fin rot medicine.Thank you for your post and updates. It is not easy to find an active online forum and website to ask about betta fish diseases. My beta is more than 2 years old and now has serious body rot and bleeds sometimes. I will follow your direction and let you know how the medicines work.My new betta fish has been in a 12 liter tank for about 1 month, and this week i have noticed his fins are all jagged. Therefore i have done some research about jagged fins and the only thing that came up was fin rot. I do 50% water changes every week, i feed him every day and he eats well. I do not yet have any treatment solutions and will not have any for about 1 week; will it be too late or will my betta fish or will it survive if i move it to anther tank (with conditioned water) without decoration or gravel? what advice could you give me?