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Handsome Multicolored Imported Male Crowntail CT Betta Fish -VERY NICE Boy!
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This species with its multi-colored calico-styled mix of red, brown, orange and yellow colors across its body is as eye-pleasing as it is physically hardy. It is a popular choice among first-time fish keepers due to its reputation for thriving in outdoor ponds. This fish is a fast swimmer and should not be kept with other goldfish such as the telescope or bubble eye species known for slower swimming speeds, as it will outpace and beat the other fish in the race for food. First developed in Japan, shubunkin goldfish are now actively marketed by fish-breeding enthusiasts in England and the United States. Its translucent scales serve as an effective conduit for its varied colors to reflect through the water as it swims.
V17 Thai Import Fancy Blue Orange Multicolor Male Vailtail VT Betta Live Fish
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Great for jigging and trolling, PowerPro® Depth-Hunter Multi-Colored Braided Fishing Line features Enhanced Body Technology™ with multiple-color dying process. This innovative process creates a multi-colored braided line which lets anglers target bottom and suspended fish with incredible precision. The Depth-Hunter Braided line features four colors, blue, yellow, green and orange, that change every 25' and repeat every 100' for optimized depth and distance control. Depth-Hunter Multi-Colored Braided Fishing Line also has a black hash mark every 5' to give anglers another indicator to use when gauging lure depth and placement. In addition to making fishing at a specific depth easier than ever, this incredible multi-colored braided line boasts a high strength-to-diameter ratio with minimal stretch and outstanding sensitivity for increased strike detection. SCARY MULTI COLOR FISH - HUGE MOUTH WIDE OPEN - AMAZING RAINBOW COLORS SHOT!
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Photo provided by FlickrMulticolored Siamese fighting fish. Red and white half moon Betta fish
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When setting up an aquarium and picking fish to stock it with, one thing many aquarists focus on is color. One or multiple colorful fish species can really brighten up a tank and form an eye-catching centerpiece.Similarly, other methods like multiplex-FISH and cenM-FISH have been developed which can also be used in conjunction with Q-FISH. Multiplex-FISH uses a variety of probes to visualize the 24 chromosomes in different colours and identify . Centromere-specific multi-colour FISH (cenM-FISH) uses the multi-coloured probes from multiplex-FISH as well as specific labeled probes to identify and distinguish centromere regions. The relation between centromere abnormalities or chromosomal rearrangements and telomere length may have high clinical impact, since all appear important in pre- or post-natal diagnostics and tumor developments. These experiments can provide more enlightenment about the role of telomeres and the importance of telomere length.
Another application of Q-FISH is the detection of telomeric fusions, where the ends of chromosomes have been fused together at the telomere, which are sometimes called interstitial (within the chromosome) telomeric sequences (ITSs). Studying telomeric fusions can sometimes show the course of evolution. For example, one human chromosome has an ITS that is hypothesized to be the equivalent of two chromosomes in chimpanzees that fused together. Observing the regulation of telomere length in different species also reveals important information about karyotype evolution and relevance to human illnesses.Multicolored Siamese fighting fish.
Siamese fighting fish, or Betta splendens is a popular species of freshwater aquarium fish. Betta is known as the Siamese fighting fish because males are extremely territorial and will fight to the death if put into the same tank where the weaker male cannot escape from the territory of the dominant fish. They recognize other Betta fish by sight and if a male Betta is shown his reflection in a mirror, it will cause him to flare his fins and engage in intimidating displays before trying to attack his own reflection. The name of the genus is derived from ikan bettah, taken from a local dialect of Malay. The wild ancestors of this fish are native to the rice paddies of Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. If only one couple is in the aquarium — male and female, normally they have dull coloring with a touch of basic color-red, blue, green or pink with brown oblong strips running along the body from head to tail, and only during the spawning, both are painted in bright colors. The male Betta splendens depicted on the wallpaper desktop core themes Windows 7 Beta.
When using multiple colors, an increasingly popular way to showcase them is to use them in a gradation layout instead of a random mix! These blues and green Moroccan Fish Scales are arranged in horizontal rows from dark to light and from blue to green. This stunning Melbourne bathroom is featured on .