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Often overlooked as a choice in the aquarium, the white cloud mountain minnows are very lively, enjoyable pets to keep. Their small size means they don't need a large aquarium, but enough room for their activeness and tendency to play around. White clouds are schooling fish and therefore much happier and healthier when they are kept in a group. In the wild, they live in fast-flowing streams and unfortunately, are practically extinct.
White Cloud Mountain Minnow - Tanichthys alboneubes, peaceful schooling fish
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I'm looking for online fish stores other than petco and live aquaria. Im looking for White Cloud Mountain Minnows. In particular Long fin and not gold. White Cloud Mountain Minnow; The Guppy of Egg layers! - Aquarium Fish Advisor
Photo provided by Flickrwill fantail goldfish get along with white cloud mountain minnows in a 10 gallon tank?
Photo provided by FlickrWhite Cloud Mountain Minnow at PetSmart. Shop all live pet live fish online.
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The white cloud mountain minnow is an extremely hardy fish that can withstand a wide range of temperatures. The white cloud mountain minnow can be kept in an aquarium without a heater as long as the temperature does not drop below 45°F (7°C). They are peaceful and are suitable tank mates for a community tank as long as the aquarium temperature doesn't get too high. Many keep these minnows in small desktop tanks.When you only have a small-sized tank and your choice of fish is the cold water type, you might want to consider white cloud minnows which are a small species originating from the mountains of China. White cloud minnows are small, colorful schooling fish that are generally easy to look after, suitable for beginners, and the ideal fish you can get for your kids. Keeping the cold water fish is simple and straightforward. Just like any tropical fish, they require generally clean water with variety of foods. They will eat foods ranging from white worms to powdered fish flakes. The white cloud mountain minnow tank should contain plenty of vegetation as well as some rocks and driftwood. Leave an open area for swimming. Water hardness and pH are not critical, but it is wise to avoid extremes.The white cloud mountain minnow is a low maintenance, peaceful, schooling fish that won’t complain if you turn off the heater in your Grove Ecosystem. It has a striking red fins with a silvery body and it gets along very well with Neon Tetras — the color variation between the two makes for an impressive school. It grows to about one and a half inches and is very resilient, even of variable GH levels. It also has impressive levels of disease tolerance. It is perhaps the most forgiving beginner fish that is commonly used by aquarists.The white cloud mountain minnow is very popular among the both beginners and experienced fish lovers due to their hardiness and brilliant color patterns. It is readily available in local and online pet shops with reasonable price. It is sold in the aquarium trade under a variety of names including White Cloud, White Cloud Mountain fish, White Cloud minnow etc. To purchase your gorgeous fish, look below online vendor and ask them details about fish that I would recommend from.