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Floating island aquarium--reminds me of the Hallelujah Mountains from Avatar!
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The Blue Ribbon Skull Mountain Medium Aquarium Ornament is the perfect addition to your aquarium. Made from non-toxic, fish safe colors and materials. Your fish will love swimming through and hiding in it.
Each pallet comes with 6 units of 41" wall-mounted aquariums with a Burlwood finish frame.
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Pet Mountain your have everything, online low price leader for all pet supplies! The Smoky Mountains are going undersea at Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
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Although Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies is a staple attraction for any vacation to the Smoky Mountains, the aquarium’s compact design has a tendency to disappoint some visitors. While it is true that the size of this Gatlinburg aquarium is considerably smaller than the nearby Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga and Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, the world-class exhibits at this aquarium make it one of the best attractions in the region. While Ripley’s Aquarium is considerably smaller, it is currently ranked the #1 aquarium in the country!Monitoring the health of the aquarium’s 10,000 fish is paramount. If a fish got sick and it was contagious, it would pose serious concerns in large tanks like Shark Lagoon and Coral Reef.“A lot of people don’t have the opportunity to go to the Indo-Pacific and dive a coral reef, so we brought it to them,” said Courtney Thompson, the education director at the aquarium. “Where else in the world can you hike the Smoky Mountains in the morning and in the afternoon spend it at a coral reef?”For a list of attractions and other interactive activities in the Smoky Mountains, like the aquarium in Gatlinburg, take a look at the ‘’ tab on our website. Those who visit the website will find information about the best places to stay and things to do!When we think of aquascaping, we inevitably think of planted aquariums. But what do we do when we do not have the proverbial green thumb, or have digging fish, or cannot afford the amount of plants it takes to really aquascape a beautiful planted tank?So, how about taking a walk through nature? There is much to be gained by going to mountainous areas, or river beds and sunburnt veldt to see what is there for oneself. We live in a country with a great variety of landscape forms and geology to inspire the aquarist. We are blessed with beautiful sedimentary landscapes and countless formations which visibly bear entire histories in their natural profiles. We have monkey-rocks, river rocks, striped rock, sandstone, slate and granite-like rocks, and many more. And each of these has the most wonderful enhancing effects by way of their striations and colour, or weathering and erosion to add to their beauty and become an inspiration to any aquascaping enthusiast. So why buy materials if you can find them yourself?