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Perhaps the most popular cichlids are the African rift lake cichlids, which are some of the most colorful of all freshwater fishes. Besides the many colorful cichlids from the African lakes, there are others highly prized for patterning and other unique characteristics. These includeas seen in the popular genus, featherfins, goby cichlids, sarding cichlids, and shelldwellers to name a few.Like their South American counterparts, there are also some African Cichlids that reach an impressive size, making great specimens for a large show tank. Yet here too there are a few species are not really suitable for the home aquarium due to size. The , which reaches up to 36" (90 cm), is a good example of too big.For more in-depth info see: Most African Cichlids available in the hobby have a mix of fascinating characteristics and are a delight to keep.
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When most of us think about stingrays, we think about the saltwater variety. There are freshwater varieties that originate from the Amazon. Beautiful, bold, and unique looking they are difficult to resist if you have a big enough aquarium. This exotic fresh fish is also venomous. While there are no known cases of a freshwater stingray causing a human fatality, they have been cases where the sting has caused numbness at the wound site several years later!

The rarest stingrays also command high price tags. One such stingray at the Taiwan Expo featured a with an asking price of $100,000! Apr 5, 2009 - Most of the unique freshwater aquarium fish are found in South America like the Marbled Hatchetfish
Photo provided by FlickrThe Wet Spot Tropical Fish is the premier and most unique freshwater aquarium fish store, located in Portland, Oregon
Photo provided by FlickrThe Wet Spot Tropical Fish is the premier and most unique freshwater aquarium fish store and is located in Portland, Oregon.
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Most of the unique freshwater aquarium fish are found in South America like the Marbled Hatchetfish. It is a small, normally 35 mm in length, freshwater ray-finned fish. Hatched shaped, it presents a gold line extending from its eye to its caudal fin while the area below has a brown and cream colored marble-like pattern (hence its name). It can 'fly' above the surface of the water by flapping its pectoral fins.Often considered the most attractive and the most “saltwater-like” fish, Discus are truly amazing. They have colors that are unrivaled in other freshwater aquarium fish but do require more care than most typical aquarium inhabitants. They prefer a pH much lower than what typically comes out of a water tap, and temperatures in the mid-80’s, higher than that of most community aquariums. Lastly, they have an unusual diet that consists of blood or black worms, beefheart, and brine shrimps. MMMMM-mmm!If you’re looking to decorate your tank with wonderful exotic fish with bright and sparkling colors then keep on reading. There are several unique aquarium fish species to choose for beginner and advanced hobbyists.
We are going to go over the 10 most exotic freshwater fish. Maybe you will be able to pick out a few favorites to add to your tank.

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Source : of the Rift Lakes are in my opinion the most beautiful fish in the freshwater hobby. The problem with them is their aggressiveness. Beginners may not take to their behavior and will certainly be upset when their community tank fish are ripped to shreds by these cichlids. They will certainly kill most any species of fish housed with them, and are often seen fighting with each other as well. Beginning aquarist may like their beauty but they are best left to intermediate and advanced aquarists due to their territorial nature, specialized care, and their need for weekly water changes.