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The Cobalt Aquatics Mini-Therm Submersible Aquarium Heater is designed specifically for smaller tanks and terrariums. Featuring a compact and fully submersible design, this heater has an internal ceramic radiator that provides even heat distribution for reliable use. It will raise the aquarium’s recommended temps by up to 10 degrees above ambient temperature, with a constant “on” design that keeps everything running smoothly. The shatterproof casing is built to withstand accidental damage—or aggressive turtles—so that you can count on keeping your tank just as it should be.
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The Hydor mini heater is a submersible aquarium heater for micro tanks and mini aquariums 5-10 gallons. Ideal for use in mini aquariums for fish that require heated water for a long, comfortable and healthy life.

The Hydor mini heater can be placed undergravel in aquariums and terrariums.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Hydor mini heater can be placed undergravel in aquariums and terrariums.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Hydor 15W MINI HEATER for Bettas and Aquariums is a mini aquarium heater that helps the temperature increase by a few degrees.
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A heater will be necessary for your fish tank if the temperature inthe room the fish are being kept in is regularly below the preferredtemperature for the fish, or if the temperature in the room ever dropsbelow the minimum temperature that is safe for the fish. In general,an aquarium will require a heater for tropical fish, but not fortemperate fish.The Hydro aquarium heater is a small fish tank heater that works great for small, desktop aquariums. It safely regulates the water temperature to ensure the perfect heat environment for your fish to thrive. It is completely submersible, making it easy to conceal it in your miniature fish tank that has a capacity of 2-5 gallon tanks.Usually an in-sump aquarium heater is nothing more than asubmersible aquarium heater that is set up in the of a rather than in the fish tank itself. This configurationprovides better safety for the fish by minimizing the risk of theaquarium heater getting damaged by a belligerent fish such as an , making it much less likely that somethingwould get knocked against or fall onto the aquarium heater andbreaking it, making is less likely that the aquarium heater would getdamages while the aquarium was being cleaned, and by making itimpossible for a fish to get caught under or behind the aquariumheater and getting burned.Small tanks or fish bowls can be a real challenge to heat properly. Fortunately, there are s are available in a variety of types. Check out these ​heaters specifically designed for mini aquariums or bowls.1. Fish tank heaters come in various sizes and the choice of a particular size depends a lot on the amount of water inside the fish tank, size of the aquarium as well as the average temperature of the room. To calculate the ideal size of the heater, subtract the current room temperature from the required temperature. Also determine the size of the aquarium. With these two measurements, determining the ideal size of a heater should be easy. Generally, a 25-watt heater is great for a five gallon tank, 50-watt for a ten gallon tank and so on. Larger aquariums may require more than one heater and in such a case, the heaters should be placed on either side of the tank to ensure even distribution of heat.Hydor 15 Watt Mini Heater For Tanks 5-10 Gallons

MINI HEATER helps increase by a few degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius the water temperature of mini aquariums compared to the room temperature where they are positioned.

Specifications: 15 Watts 15.8 x 6.2 cm

Heating Efficency: 5 gal approx 5°F 10 gal approx 4°F