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Melafix is an antibacterial remedy for the treatment of Koi and goldfish disease.
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Rapidly repair tissue damage from bacterial infections and reverse coral degradation with API Melafix for Bacterial Infections in Fish & Coral, the same treatment used by commercial coral farms. Caused mostly by dirty aquarium conditions and adding infected fish, bacterial infections can also affect injured fish with open wounds in seemingly healthy tanks. Illnesses like fin and tail rot, eye cloud, pop eye, body slime and mouth fungus cause serious tissue and organ damage and can result in death if left untreated. API Melafix for Bacterial Infections in Fish & Coral is an all-natural, antibacterial fish and coral medication. It contains the healing properties of melaleuca, or tea tree, extract to heal bacterial infections, repair damaged fins, ulcers and open wounds and reverses coral degradation. It will not harm biological filters and is safe for all marine and reef aquariums. Just add 5 ml per 10 U.S. gallons.
MELAFIX is a treatment for external bacterial infections in fish, such as fin rot or open wounds.
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Once there is an obvious bacterial infection, (strings of white fuzz hanging off the fish, fins eroded down to the rays with white edges, etc), then it's probably too late for Melafix and we usually suggest an antibiotic. But antibiotics are not without their problems. First of all unless you look at a sample under a microscope you don't know what sort of bacteria you're dealing with and not all antibiotics work on all bacterias so basically with antibiotics we're making our best guess as to which one to use. POND MELAFIX is a treatment for external bacterial infections in fish, such as fin rot or open wounds.
Photo provided by FlickrPOND MELAFIX is a treatment for external bacterial infections in fish, such as fin rot or open wounds.
Photo provided by FlickrI moved the Melafix discussion here so we wouldn't get in the way of the OP getting the help he needs for his fish.
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Melafix is a patented 1% mixture of CAS Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) which is used to enhance healing in fish.
Melafix is promoted to have antibacterial properties but our research has shown this is not the case. We treated an inhabited system for five consecutive days and then ran CFU (colony forming unit) tests on the water and found a typical population of Aeromonas hydrophila/caviae, and Citrobacter freundii, as well as Serratia spp.
Melafix is promoted NOT to damage the function of the biological filter and this was verified. MelaFix has no effect on filtration. We treated a cycled inhabited system and checked daily or derangements in nitrogen reduction and found none during our application period.
MelaFix has no effect on pH. We verified this daily along with other tests of water quality, and everything remained in the ideal ranges.An important point, which I will cover in more depth later, is that Melafix is primarily for minor wounds & gram positive bacterial infections, NOT serious infections.
From my experience in the professional aquarium maintenance industry since 1978, often persons will treat with the wrong medication and then when their fish die, blame the treatment rather than realize that they used the wrong treatment in the first place!!MARINE MELAFIX treats symptoms of bacterial disease such as open, red sores and wounds, fin and tail rot, eye cloud, pop eye, body slime, and mouth fungus on fish. MARINE MELAFIX is also used in commercial coral farms to control bacterial infections, tissue degradation and for the removal of parasitic flatworms in wild corals. May be used in all marine and reef aquariums.First I will start off in pointing out that so much which has been said about Melafix or Bettafix dangers with Bettas and other Labyrinth Fish is based on observations, often by persons with little or no knowledge of how medications work or water chemistry and its effect on these medications.
Unfortunately, even in the before mentioned forum one important point was not brought up and that is that Melafix is primarily effective only with minor injuries and gram positive bacterial infections.