Marineland 5-gallon Crescent Aquarium System

lid available for the MARINELAND® 5 Gallon Crescent Aquarium System?
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Doing a quick little tank review for the Marineland/Tetra Crescent 3 gallon aquarium. These can be purchased at PetSmart for around $35-$45 depending on the sale price. Really like these aquariums so I thought I would share. I do weekly maintenance on my aquariums which usually includes minor spot cleaning and small water changes simply because I like doing less work but more often. Thanks for watching!
apple snail climbing on house in 5 gallon marineland/tetra crescent aquarium
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Here is the aquarium I am cycling now! It is also 5 gallons and is from marineland, too!! Go to this site( ) and you can see my aquarium pictures I uploaded about 3 days ago. This tank is called Marineland 5 Gallon Crescent. It is better than the corner because of the filter and other things. First off, the filter. You can get this same filter if it breaks down. Also you can set the power/flow to low/medium/or high. Also, the aquarium looks better. There is a clear acrilic top that you can take off and not a black top that you have to lift up and stuff. Also, the LED lighting system has worked for my plants so far and looks good! Finally, this tank is the same size as the corner tank, it will fit in a corner! MARINELAND® 5 Gallon Crescent Aquarium System | Aquariums | PetSmart.
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Photo provided by FlickrI am considering purchasing a 5-gallon dorm aquarium: Marineland 5-gallon Crescent Aquarium System with the addition of a small heater.
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MARINELAND® 3 Gallon Crescent Aquarium System | I'm looking to upgrade my 2.5 gallon better aquarium. This one isn't that much bigger, but it has a filter and I would be putting in a heater. I am also planning on doing some landscaping with more live plants.