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- If you are a distributor or wholesaler and are looking for a new or alternate source for Koi, Coldwater or Tropical fish, Water Lilies and Lotus or Aquatic Plants, Hazorea Aquatics will provide you with the products you need. Our experience with hundreds of fish facilities and plant nurseries around the world is at your disposal, as well as our knowledge of countless ways of presentation, sales and marketing. A comprehensive range of varieties of coldwater and tropical fish, each produced and shipped directly from a specialist farm.
Xtreme Marine offers excellent exotic tropical fish for sale and much more in Ventura, California.
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Welcome to Blue Reef Aquatics, your number one source for aquariums, aquarium supplies and livestock for both freshwater and saltwater fish tank enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in our product knowledge, happy and healthy fish and great prices that keep our customers coming back. Blue Reef Aquatics is the premiere saltwater and freshwater fish store destination in Las Vegas! Our goal is to provide our customers with a great selection of tropical fish, corals, plants, foods, aquariums, aquarium supplies and great customer service. We now stock thousands of aquarium products such as protein skimmers, air pumps, water pumps and power heads, aquarium lighting, fish food, refugiums, aquarium filters, aquarium heaters, and much more reef aquarium supplies. New products are added daily so please visit us often to get the latest quality aquarium products at great prices. We stock extensive line of fish tank supplies from premium brands like Aquaillumination, Neptune Systems, Reef Octopus, Hydor, JBJ, Seachem, Brightwell Aquatics, Red Sea, Eshopps, Salifert, Visio, ATI, and many others. Most of our live stock is hand selected from some of the best wholesalers in the country such as Quality Marine, Sea Dwelling creatures, Segrests Farms, O.R.A. Farms, Underwater World and others. marine, tropical fish, and equipment for sale in cambridge ..
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We have always sourced our livestock from reputable dealers and continue to maintain our high standards that have earned us our reputation for quality fish and livestock. Our marine stocks come via Tropic Marine Centre, and are ethically sourced and captive bred wherever possible. All other livestock comes from trusted wholesalers with whom we have dealt with for over 25 years and have good trading relationships with. We are Tropica aquarium plant stockists whose variety and quality are second to none. Pond plants are all British grown and sourced through one of the UK's oldest and leading nurseries at Anglo Aquarium. Live food is all UK sourced wherever possible.Tropical fish for sale is now gettable at the click of a mouse and you would be greeted freshwater fishes. All kinds of fishes you have ever wanted like African Cichlids, Betas, New Freshwater Fish, Cory, Discus and many more of multi hues and sizes are displayed with their pictures at the sites. You can sort the fishes as per their categories also like Marine fish, Corals, Marine plants, Pond Fish, Freshwater fish and many more. You can search the particular fish that you are looking for and get to know about the fish and other details about it. There is a dedicated information centre available at various sites where you can make yourself knowledgeable about the acclimation guide, take a look at the compatibility chart to find out if your fish would be likeable to other members in your aquarium, Shipping schedule among other things. You can also view their email id and sent an email in case of any concerns, queries or other interests. There is also a place where you can learn how to order, shipping rates information, the FAQs and payment information.Fish Etc. Sells All Types Of Tropical And Marine Fish, And Koi. The Store Has Outstanding Displays Of A Tropical Planted And Saltwater Reef Systems And Specializes In These Areas With Large And Unique Tanks Offering Plants And Corals For Sale. The Store Layout Includes Saltwater Fish; Coral And Invertebrates; Tropical Community Fish; Semi Aggressive Fish; Aggressive South American Cichlids; African Cichlids; Goldfish; Koi And Pond Supplies; Tropical And Pond Plants, Tank Ornaments; And Sand, Gravel And Rock. Most Shelving Is Behind The Long Front Counter (With Two Cash Registers) To Minimize Theft. Customers Have Access To A Large Glass Front Freezer And Refrigerator For Frozen And Refrigerated Items. The Fish Factory's indoor/outdoor facility, located in Bristol, PA, features nearly 7,000 square feet of fresh water and marine tropical fish, supplies & equipment, aquatic water gardens, ponds, exotic imported koi, turtles, tadpoles and much more. We offer corals for sale, fish for sale, and everything for the coral reef enthusiast! Our tropical fish systems are kept exceptionally clean and our water quality is second-to-none, ensuring you the healthiest livestock available. We pride ourselves with providing knowledgeable and courteous customer service 7 days a week for all your fish needs. We are conveniently located in Bucks County, accessible to New Jersey and throughout Pennsylvania. The Fish Factory is full-service from the beginner aquarium hobbyist to expert reefers. We Offer: