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Every reef aquarist understands that marine fish and invertebrates require good water quality to thrive and grow. We monitor our aquarium’s water quality with test kits in order to check important parameters like pH, alkalinity, nitrate and calcium. Aquarium testing and test kits are a popular discussion topic on-line, at club meetings and in the local fish shop. Aquarists sometimes report confusing or inconsistent results from test kits. Oftentimes user error is the cause of this. We’ll look at five ways to insure you get accurate aquarium water test results…every time.
Marine Reef Aquarium Test Kits address water parameters particularly important to reef aquariums
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I’ve heard this statement from water treatment plant operators: aquarium water testing kits are nothing more than toys. Reef aquarists were finding high nitrate in their newly prepared saltwater. A quick test of their tap water showed high nitrates and in some cases ammonia and nitrite. By drinking water laws and standards, the treatment plants were in violation. Their response to the aquarists was to simply blame the test kits for “inaccurate and false” readings. Some marine aquarists spend hundreds of dollars on aquaculture grade test kits, believing the higher price delivers a better kit. The truth is, the test methods used in liquid aquarium test kits are basically the same as many of the field test kits used by marine biologists around the world. In fact, many aquaculture facilities use aquarium test kits because they are accurate and simple to use. So don’t let anyone tell you that aquarium test kits are unreliable. Verdict: Myth Master Test Kits for Saltwater Aquariums - Marine Depot
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A specialized kind of saltwater aquarium, reef tanks are popular with more experienced hobbyists because of the special care they require. Calcium levels in particular need to be monitored more carefully, but they are also generally delicate tanks. You can use ordinary tests on them however, many companies offer a multi-test pack that aides in upkeep and maintenance for them specifically. The Red Reef Foundation kit by Red Sea offers calcium, pH level and magnesium tests for reef tanks. The kit includes 60 or more tests per element, making it a reasonably priced and smart purchase.Every marine aquarists knows good water quality is essential for keeping fish and invertebrates healthy. Fortunately we are able to keep a close watch on nearly every important water chemistry parameter with the use of test kits. Getting accurate results has always been a topic of debate on line and in your local fish shop. Our hobby is full of lore than can make water testing seem complicated. Let’s take a look at five of the most common Testing Tales and see if they are true.An test kit is one of the must haves for every aquarium owner. However, not all ammonia tests are created equal. The primary issue at hand is the fact that ammonia can be present in an non-ionized form (NH3), or the ionized form (NH4) known as .

NH3 is what hobbiest's are concerned about, but most tests give and NH4. Most ammonia test kits on the market give you only the total ammonia value. Seachemt kits reliably test for both total and NH3,Red Sea Marine Care Multi Test Kit is Complete multi-test pack including all of the tests necessary to monitor the biological maturation of new systems and for the ongoing maintenance and algae management of fish-only aquariums.