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The mechanism of Magnum 350 is simple. The filter channels the water out of the aquarium by pushing it through the filter media placed at the heart of the device. At the end of the process, all the impure foreign substances are eliminated from the water.
Genuine Marineland brand Carbon/Media Container for Magnum 350 Aquarium Canister Filter. Fill screen chemical filter media cartrid
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Watch this video to learn how to assemble your new H.O.T. Magnum Filter! H.O.T. stands for "hang on tank" because this filter is lightweight enough to be suspended on the outside of your tank. Follow the easy directions in this video and enjoy your beautiful, clean aquarium. Genuine Marineland brand Carbon/Media Container for Magnum 350 Aquarium Canister Filter. Fill screen chemical filter media cartrid
Photo provided by FlickrGenuine Marineland brand Carbon/Media Container for H.O.T. Magnum Aquarium Canister Filter. Fill screen chemical filter media cart
Photo provided by FlickrThe secret to professional displays with crystal-clear aquarium water! Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter delive
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The bottom mounted motor is completely sealed and waterproof and carries a three year warranty. Setup of the Marineland Magnum 350 aquarium filter is simple and all filter media is included in the box. Not only is this canister filter exceptional as a regular mechanism for removing debris and waste material from your tank, it can also be easily converted to a water polishing system.The H.O.T. Magnum is actually two filters in one, perfect for everyday mechanical/chemical filtration and quick-clean water polishing. Its powerful self-starting pump silently directs a certified 250 gallons per hour through the advanced dual-flow core and sealed media, delivering total contact, total filtration, without bypass. Its hang-on-tank, easy setup design makes it ideal for multiple aquarium water polishing. Snap-lock, leak-proof connectors eliminate the need for hoses or tubing. And H.O.T. Magnum's UL- Listed synchronous motor and epoxy-encapsulated electrical components are your assurance of safe operation. The triple duty union of a classic wet/dry biological filter with powerful mechanical/chemical Magnum filtration. Units include 8 ft power cord. Two-year comprehensive warranty. For aquariums up to 50 gallons.

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How to clean magnumMagnet-drive motors are fairly reliable and convenient. They come with an on-off switch that may make priming the filter with water easier when getting it ready to run. Most canister filters with epoxy-sealed motors at the top of the filter require you to start a siphon to fill the filter. This may not be a very pleasant procedure for the aquarist.In brief, the magnet-drive motor was introduced to the hobby in the 1960s in the Dynaflow power filter, an overflow filter design that hung on the back of the aquariums. The current models from Marineland now feature the epoxy-sealed motor on top design that is used by other manufacturers.Pro: The handy attachable Power Kleen Gravel Washer fits all Magnums, including the H.O.T. model. This innovative gravel siphon cleaning accessory tool quickly slips right on to the filter's water intake tube inside the aquarium, which you can even do when the canister is running, just make sure all the air is out of the hose line. Only the debris in the gravel and the dirty water is sucked up into the tube, cleaned through the micron pleat cartridge (and other media such as carbon if you desire to use it), and is then pumped back into the aquarium. This eliminates what is usually a messy task, as well as avoids the need to replace the aquarium water like you have to do when using a manual type siphon gravel cleaning tool. No extra water is needed, or wasted!