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Drop the magnet (the one inside the two felt pieces) down along the wall of your dirty fish tank using the magnet within the bottle top to guide ...
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Yes. I let the scrubber sit in a separate bowl of my fish water for about two weeks. I then tested the water quality to see if it changed. It didn't. Now, it has been about two and a half weeks since it has been sitting in my fish tank and my fish are doing great. No signs my fish are affected by the scrubber. However, I really like your idea of aquarium silicone. I was hesitant to get some due to it's high price and availability. It costs more for a small tube than a magnetic scrubber itself!! I will update my tutorial with that idea. Aquarium Blue+Gray Super Strong Magnetic Fish Tank Clean Brush - Glass or Acrylic Fish tank wall Alga cleaning by Generic
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This is a great tool for keeping the algae out of fish tanks because it has some fantastic reviews and an affordable price. This is simply a magnet that attracts algae as it passes over the algae. This type of algae cleaning tool can really only be used for the glass of the fish tank but not for the substrate, plants, or other things like rocks and ornaments. This is the Nano Mag by Two Little Fishies. Positives: Magnet is super strong and cleans easier than other magnetic cleaners, is flexible and cleans the curved glass areas found in all nano cube all-in-one style systems, and is only 1/8th inch thick and easily slips behind rock and corals close to the glass cleaning with ease. Negatives: the product feels like it may fall apart after long term use unlike other magnetic cleaners, it leaves a 3/8th inch uncleaned area next to the tank trim unless you pull the outer magnet off the glass and hold it half on the trim and half on the glass to force the inner cleaning magnet onto the uncleaned strip. The benefits of this product far outweigh the negatives and I'm sure future designs will address these issues. I give it 9 out of 10 this product is a must have for all nano reefers.Simply insert the magnetic scrubber into the aquarium and drag the magnetic handle alongside the outside of the aquarium to make the scrubber follow on the interior. is also really convenient because it features a floating scrubber that when it is not attracted by the magnet on the outside will float to the surface of the water so that it does not have to be manually retrieved from the bottom of the fish tank.Aside from the just being plain entertaining to use this tool and watch as the scrub brush on the inside of the aquarium follows the path of the handle on the outside of the tank, it makes for some very efficient and easy access cleaning. Being that you really never take out the scrub brush part from the inside of the tank, anytime you walk by the betta fish tank, you feel compelled to grab a hold of the little scrub brush and do some quick cleaning, if for no other reason than you want to just play with this magnetic scrubby thing.Sometimes it can be difficult to clean the insides of containers like vases and fish tanks. Many flower vases have an opening that is too narrow to fit your hand through and a shape that makes it inconvenient to use a brush. With a fish tank, you often have to drain the tank in order to clean the glass. Both of these problems can easily be solved with a simple magnetic scrubber. All you have to do is embed a strong magnet inside a sponge or other scrubbing tool. Then you can guide it with another magnet on the outside and clean even the most difficult to reach places.I had an acrylic betta fish aquarium that was 5 gallons in capacity that I thought could use some scrubbing. The Float-25A aquarium scrubber by Mag-Float seemed the perfect size and shape for the task at hand. After taking the betta tank floating scrubber out of the packaging, you take a scrubber piece in each hand and place one piece inside the tank and the other outside of it, sandwiching the glass in between the both. When you let go of the side that’s inside the tank, the scrubber piece that’s on the outside of the tank keeps a firm magnetic grip holding the other side in place. Taking the pieces outside of the betta tank in hand, you gently and slowly start moving the aquarium scrubber as you would a computer mouse. The floating scrubber on the inside the betta tank slowly follows the path and “scrubs” the algae and other residue that would be otherwise stuck inside of your aquarium. The movement can be a little jerky at sometimes. As long as you keep the movements slow and even, the scrubber on the inside of the aquarium does an amazingly efficient job at helping clean your tank.