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While setting up and maintaining saltwater fish aquariums is more involved than freshwater options, the results speak for themselves. Seeing the happy and healthy swirls of color that glide effortlessly around your marine fish tank will brighten up your day and leave your guests breathless. Find the right live marine & saltwater fish for your aquarium at Petco.
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In general, keeping saltwater fish is more expensive and more difficult than keeping freshwater fish. However, once established they do seem to be less demanding and water quality tends to stay better in tanks using live rock. Live plants perform similar (albeit to a lower degree) functions in water filtration in a freshwater aquarium. If you've been keeping freshwater fish tanks for some time now successfully the switch to a saltwater aquarium should not be all that difficult. If you have the desire, the fortitude to do the necessary research before acquiring animals and aquarium equipment and the money necessary to run a saltwater aquarium, then by all means go for it! Once you get started you'll be wondering why it took you so long to get into the saltwater side of the hobby. How long do fish live? | Saltwaterfish Forum
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You can often buy a bag of live brine shrimp from your local fish store, or you can hatch and growth them on your own from . Feed the tiny, newly hatched brine shrimp nauplii directly to the corals and shrimp in your tank, or try your hand at growing them out in a separate tank to grow them to adult-size and feed your reef. Since brine shrimp naturally live in brackish or saltwater environments, they will actually survive in your aquarium long enough to be discovered…and devoured. It’s fun to watch how enthusiastically your fish will chase down and eat these tiny brine shrimp morsels.This is a general introduction into the three main saltwater aquarium types: Fish Only, FOWLR (Fish Only with Live Rock) and the Reef Tank Setup. When getting started with saltwater it is recommended to get the biggest tank you can accommodate. Bigger tanks give you more room for error when it comes to water quality.
There are three common types of saltwater aquarium setups. The Fish Only, the Fish Only with Live Rock (FOWLR) and a reef tank. I really just consider two of those as viable setups. The fish only set up is really kind of difficult in terms of biological control of the filter and (in my opinion) makes it harder to keep a saltwater tank without live rock. Live rock is awesome and will become the primary biological filter in your tank. FOWLR tanks are the way to go for someone new to the saltwater side of the hobby. Reef tanks require a little more precision and can be much more expensive to set up and stock because they require more equipment and more expensive livestock usually.This setup is the same as a Fish Only with the addition of live rock and better . Check out the Saltwater Aquarium Setup page for more detailed information on this type of setup. The use of live rock has really taken off in the past decade because it really is the best form of natural biological filtration for the saltwater aquarium. It is called "live rock" because of the creatures and organisms living on the inside and on the surface of the rock. It can be very interesting to the look at the organisms and algae growing on the rock.These saltwater fish only setups are rapidly falling off in popularity because of the great biological filtration functions that live rock can provide. We discuss FOWLR setups next.Besides learning how to filter the water and keep the tank clean you also need to know how to properly feed your fish. Because they are saltwater fish they require different food and need to be fed a specific way. This will help them to grow and stay alive or at least until one of the larger fish decides to have a snack.