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Channel catfish begin feeding as soon as the ice goes off in the spring. Shad or sponge baits work well, but the crayfish is the mainstay of the catfish diet in the spring. As summer approaches, catfish feed more actively and can be taken just about anywhere in the pond as long as the bait is on or near the bottom. Good late spring baits are worms, liver, and shrimp.
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Hi Mike. Love your blog. I live in the uk and am no expert on my pond. I had a very small pond and only 4 fish that have survived two winters. This year i changed to a bigger pond probably 9ft long by 4ft wide and 4ft deep. Iv upped my fish to 22 some small israel koi some goldfish and iv really enjoyed them this summer. I have to filters one smallish one and one a bit bigger they have uv lights too and just recirculate the water. We sometimes have cold winters last year wasnt to bad the odd few days below freezing but the previous two years went as cold as -14. Can or do i need to keep my filters running through the winter ? As iv seen you mention something about a deicer and areator ! What are these. Also its just started dipping below 10 deg which is 50f so i presume this is the time to stop feeding ? Dont they still get hungry. Also if i keep my filters running would that stop the pond icing over. Thanks in anticipation Mike. Its as if you have an aquarium right in your smart phone with this decorative and authentic looking Koi 3D Fish Pond Live Wallpaper.
Photo provided by FlickrHealthy water is critical for pond fish to live multiple decades, like this silver-scaled koi. (Photo by Frank Espich)
Photo provided by FlickrIf you are looking to purchase large quantities of live fish, you’ll want to speak with a Pond King biologist who can help you.
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route information.To successfully raise fish you must ensure a balanced fish population, provide appropriate water temperature, and limit growth of emergent (cattails and bulrushes) and submergent (pondweed and milfoil) plant species. The Fisheries Division has information about how many fish and what species to stock to meet your pond's size and shape. Minimum depth for sustaining warm water species like bass and panfish is 10 feet. For trout and other cold water species, the minimum is 12 feet or more unless a cold spring or stream feeds the pond. The entire pond need not be this deep, but unless 25 to 50 percent of its surface area lies at such depths, the pond will not provide the right amount of dissolved oxygen in winter and range of temperatures in summer that fish need to survive. Even though some fish may live in shallower ponds, they will not grow as fast nor as large as they would in better. In addition, they are vulnerable to winter and summer kills. Fish ponds should be 1/2 acre or more in water surface area. Fish cannot freeze into a block of ice and survive. This is a wintertime factoid that should be destroyed once and for all. Many people see their fish in small ponds, “frozen” under a solid layer of ice. The fish are utterly motionless due to the cold. They perceive that the fish are frozen in the ice and so they say, “My fish were frozen solid and lived!” but this is not the case. This hybrid is the result of crossing a male bluegill with a female green sunfish. It combines physical traits and habits of both species. The fish exhibits hybrid vigor in an increased growth rate and aggressive feeding behavior. Hybrid bluegill can reach a weight of 3/4 to 1 lb. in 3 years. They readily consume commercial pelleted fish feeds and are caught on hook and line at a rapid rate. About 70-90 percent of hybrid bluegill are male. The fish must be restocked periodically to maintain populations. (See LU fact sheet "Home Food Fish Production" for details on pond culture of this fish.)Oklahoma state record hybrid bluegill: 1 lb. 14 oz. - longear sunfish The longear sunfish gets its name from the elongated opercular flap on the upper edge of the gill cover. Maximum size is usually 5 inches. Longear sunfish are olive to turquoise green in color. Males have variegated iridescent green or orange pigment. No orange spots. Opercular flap is iridescent green with a thin white border.