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Live plants are great because there are so many benefits in having them in your betta fish tank.
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Hi my tank was new up and running 2 weeks before. I got my first 3 fish clown loach. Have it well aired with 2x air stones have a bio filter with great flow. Trying to keep this short. But yeah had the loach 2 weeks all seem to be going great. Api tester 5 in 1 kit all was on ideal to chart. So went to shop got me 6x cardinal tetra 2x dwarf sucker mouths 6xcherry barbs. Climitised as supposed to. Few days in I noticed cherry barbs gasping for air did another test was good also. A day later I noticed a break out of spots imidietly realised they had freaking ich.. 😔 So went got api white spot treatment removed all rocks and media from filter this treatment is a 2 part treatment. 4days then a 15% water change then a further 4 days 😔 All fish have become stressed in this period of treating. Wiped out all 6 cherry barbs which truly not happy about. but rest are still with me thankfully so now I have done a 30% water change put all plants decor back in etc… All seem fine but one loach. Seems to be just not moving at all much just hovers a little near front of tank as if saying help something is wrong. Is there anything I can do now! Or do I just let all settle over next week! Or do I get some live bacteria and add to me pets home! Any help appreciated many thanks in advance.
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I have been keeping fish since 1988 and everyone can get off their high horses. The author said for the NEW aquarist it can be easier to start with fake plants so the newbie can first learn water chemistry and fishkeeping. A valid point. A few fake plants will provide security for fish and so serve their most vital purpose. Six months or a year down the road when the person isn’t just learning what GH, KH and pH are and how they are interdependent, on top of how to choose proper species for the water, tankmates, etc… they can then replace those fake plants with live plants. In the beginning when so much can go wrong for someone who is just learning, introducing live plants that OFTEN carry parasites and disease is just increasing risk unnecessarily. Get the tank up and running… learn fishkeeping… then get live plants down the road. Learn how to set up a fish tank with live aquarium plants from aquarium expert Joseph Caparatta in this Howcast video.
Photo provided by FlickrCan you keep live plants with goldfish? Will they all get eaten? What kind of live plants are suitable for a goldfish tank?
Photo provided by FlickrJun 16, 2013 - We will go through what live plants you should put in your betta fish tank
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An aquarium is a really cool thing to have and betta fish even more so, but you can’t have just fish in there. Your betta fish tank needs some plants to liven it up, make it look pretty, and give your betta fish some entertainment too. So, what are the best live plants for betta fish? Let’s get to it and talk about what we feel are the best 7 options for your betta tank.If you already have some experience with aquatic plants (for example, if you take care of a planted fish tank and have managed to keep everything alive), then you may want to consider some more advanced plants for your turtle habitat. If you're a beginner, let's look at some of the the advantages and disadvantages of keeping live plants in a turtle habitat, and then you can decide what you want to do.There are several different good reasons why you should put some live plants in your betta tank. First and foremost, some live plants just look really nice and they definitely add to the serenity of your fish tank. Not only can live plants enhance the appearance of your aquarium, but they provide several very important benefits as well. Live aquarium plants go through the process of photosynthesis during the day (or when your tank lights are turned on) in order to grow. They absorb carbon dioxide from your tank water (this is produced by your fish as a byproduct of respiration) and they use light as energy to convert that carbon dioxide into oxygen. Live plants also extract certain pollutants from the tank water including things like ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite – all of these substances are harmful for your fish so it is necessary to have them removed from the tank. Aquatic plants can also help to keep algae growth at bay because they compete for the same nutrients algae needs to grow.