6 Vieja heterospilus freshwater tropical fish live Cichlid.

6 Peacock Gudgeon Tateurndina ocellicauda live freshwater tropical fish
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(10) 1" Cherry Spot Rasbora rubrodorsalis live freshwater tropical fish beginner
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The Clown Loach fish is a popular fish for many freshwater aquarium hobbyist. It is peaceful and gets along well with many fish tankmates. The Clown Loach is amazing to watch and care for. Clown Loach fish for sale in two sizes, Small & Large in-stock. #aquariumfishsale #AqFishSale #tropicalfish #freshwater #fish #fishofinstagram #fishkeeping #aquaria #freshwateraquarium #colorfulfish #Freshwaterfish #FRESHWATERFISH #COLORSFISH #cichlid #plecos #angelfish #catfish #livebearers #tetras (10) 1.25" Corydoras aeneus Bronze Cory catfish live freshwater tropical fish
Photo provided by Flickr(1) 2.5" Dragon Puffer Tetraodon palembangensis Live Freshwater Tropical Fish
Photo provided by Flickr(3) 2" Corydoras eques Cory catfish live freshwater tropical shoaling fish
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We have added the Betta to our list of best freshwater fish for beginners, because they are one of the most stunning tropical fish you can keep. The long colourful fins will catch the eyes of anyone having a peek in your tank. Betta fish are also very easy to care for, and they will eat most types of food including fish flakes, blood-worms and brine shrimp. For a treat, try offering some live foods to the tank.Freshwater tropical fish live in water with low salt. Marine or saltwater tropical fish need the highest salt content, and brackish tropical fish like a salt concentration somewhere in the middle. Many brackish fish live in saltwater or freshwater tanks, but saltwater and freshwater fish cannot live in the same tank. Freshwater tropical fish are usually the easiest and least expensive to maintain. However, many hobbyists choose marine fish for their brighter colors.Since its founding in 1962, Ekkwell has expanded to be one of the world’s largest pond fish farm grower and shipper of freshwater tropical fish, globally distributing over 100 tons of livestock cargo monthly, helping make live tropical fish the #1 item shipping air freight at Tampa’s International Airport.LIGHTING: Fish require a clear day/night cycle to do well. Since most freshwater aquarium fish come from tropical locations, the day night cycle should be as close to 12 hours on/12 hours off as possible. This is easily accomplished by buying a light timer. Keeping the lights on for more than 12 hours contributes to excess algae growth. Lighting comes in either fluorescent or incandescent fixtures. Fluorescent fixtures are better for aquariums containing live plants.