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The primary difference between a reef tank and a fish only marine tank is the presence of live corals and the inverts that help maintain a coral-suitable environment. The vast majority of corals maintained in home aquariums are photosynthetic. They convert light to nutrients and therefore essentially feed off the lighting available. This is accomplished through a symbiotic relationship between the corals and algae species called Zooxanthellae, which live inside the coral tissue and convert light into glucose through photosynthesis.
The Euphotica LED aquarium light is designed for marine fish tanks and reef aquariums containing corals.
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Central Aquatics who makes the Aqueon brand sells a modular light that is immediately ready for use with its supplied Day White single bulb. Two additional bulbs can easily be added to the lighting strip. I purchased one of their modular systems at a local pet shop and discovered it to be very easy to use. I contacted the manufacturer and was informed that the supplied Day White bulb is for fish-only tanks. They added that another type of bulb for this system called ColorMax, will enhance fish colors and is capable of growing low light aquatic plants. The manufacturer further informed that by the time this article is published, a new BlueMax bulb in the 450 nanometer (nm) range will join their product line-up. Blue light adds a shimmering effect to any tank and aids in photosynthesis. But it is in reef tanks that a 450nm bulb displays its ability by making corals glow with a beautiful fluorescence. The BlueMax module can be mixed with the Day White or ColorMax bulbs thus creating a modular LED. Changing or adding additional bulbs couldn’t be easier. The LED’s come enclosed in a clear cylinder outfitted with plastic ends that simply snap into the lighting fixture. The end of each bulb has a water resistant connector that slips into a protective rubber sleeve. The maximum PAR for this three-light, modular system is between 100-150, which is extremely low. These lights are perfect for the hobbyist who just wants to have a nice looking, low-technical aquarium. Those desiring to keep exotic aquatic plants or light sensitive marine life should consider more powerful options. This LED light has been specially designed for marine fish aquarium and especially reef tanks with live corals
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3 mode 48 led aquarium ebay fish tank lights. I bought these off ebay super cheap and custom mounted 4 of them to my 55 gallon tank to achieve the results i wanted. They are super bright and really nice lights for being cheap china, ebay lights.The best aquarium LED lighting for your fish tank depends on the type of aquarium that you plan to have. This could be saltwater, freshwater, fish-only, reef or planted. This leaves quite a large range of aquarium lighting types that means you have more change to end up making a wrong choice. Of course nobody wants to buy the wrong thing, so I have compiled this complete guide to help you to choose the right LED lighting for your fish tank type.The benefits of using LED lights are many. They take less energy to run, in fact quite a bit less. LED aquarium lighting uses up to 80% less electricity than other aquarium lights. They also do not generate the heat that fluorescent light bulbs do. Another very popular plus is the fact that they last far longer than .

LED lights can be dimmed, and programmed, allowing for a natural dimming at sunset and the reverse at sunrise. This is particularly good for nocturnal fish, as a dim blue light can be left on the tank to simulate moonlight, and allow for feeding and viewing purposes. Last, but not least, they come in a variety of colors, which can be used to accent the tank in interesting ways.If you have a fish-only aquarium without or with several photosynthetic organisms (plants or corals), there is usually little need to invest in anything more than a standard aquarium lighting which costs an affordable price. Nicrew LED lights are very popular in the hobby because it not only costs an very cheap but also meets most of the basic requirements of a freshwater/saltwater tank for the main purpose of keeping fish.