I need a replacement light for my Aqueon Mini Bow 5 gallon

GloFish Aquarium Kit with Blue LED Light, 5-Gallon: Gifts for Fish Lovers, Aquariums
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The 5 gallon fish tank, Glofish offers, is very popular among the beginners. The tank is made up of clear plastic and acrylic as a primary material, both of which gives the fish tank a lighter weight and longer durability, hence perfect for any novice.Features:Material: This fish tank is mainly made of acrylic and the canopy and some other parts are made of clear plastic. Both acrylic and plastic help in the easy handling of the aquarium and the light-weight provides suitable portability to the owner.Lighting: The 15 blue LED lights are incorporated in the hammerhead light which is perfect for Glofish, as the bodies of the fishes absorb the blue light and reflect in a glowing way. Not only that, the LED light is adjusted in the canopy with low voltage power cord and AC adapter.Filter: The micro filter provided with this kit has the optimal quality bio-bag that filters the water and balance the biological products in the water properly. The small sized filter cartridges are also quick and easy to change.Easy Feeding: The clear plastic made canopy with fluorescent color has the adequate feeding hole that helps any beginner to feed the fishes effortlessly.Pros:Con: Appropriate for Glofish only.Last Verdict: If you are looking for 5 gallon fish tank for sale then you can easily avail this product from Amazon which is the best place to buy fish tanks online, and that too at cheaper rates. Not only this kit is perfect for the starters but also it will fit in your budget incredibly.
I saw the Finnex FugeRay Aquarium LED Light at amazon and  it'll work for my 5.5 gallon tank. But I don't know if it will fit better the 12
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I have a GalaxyHydro 165 watt LED on my saltwater aquarium and so far I’m very happy with it.
considering they specialize in hydroponics/grow lights and not reef tank lighting, I imagine their grow lights are pretty damn good and affordable.
Amazon has thousands of LED aquarium lights to choose from. I saw the Finnex FugeRay Aquarium LED Light at amazon and maybe it'll work for my 5.5 gallon tank
Photo provided by FlickrGLOFISH LED LIGHT STICK FOR 5 GALLON AQUARIUM Kit includes waterproof led light, frame clip, cord routing clips, light switch, and low voltage transformer
Photo provided by FlickrInterpetCurved glass 5.5 gals aquarium kit for an easy start to fish keeping; with LED lighting and filter to get you up and ..
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Get the ultimate DIY book:

The super charged version of this light:

Length: 16 feet
LED quantity: 300
Type: waterproof
Parts: +24Key Remote+12V Power Supply
Sold on Amazon and Ebay. A simple search will help you find it.

Another cheap and easy aquarium light: ...

stronger DIY led build: ...

Watch the aquariums in this video get built: ...

These are not a practical choice for a planted aquarium. They are no where near as strong as what would be needed. I mention their ideal use in the video and also mention they would not be useful on a planted tank or reef tank.

Each LED is not even 1 watt. they are closer to 0.10 watts.

A planted tank needs around 30 watts per square foot of tank.

EXAMPLE: So for an 4 foot long 55 gallon planted aquarium (4 square feet) we need 120 watts of LED lighing power.

Even if we buy the 60 LED/meter light strip, that would only be around 8 watts of power.

MEANING you will need to buy 15 of these strips to MAYBE match what a good LED light fixture can do. (15 strips = $345)

You are better off buying a proper planted tank LED light or building the more powerful LED system i have shown in a previous video.The overwhelming majority of betta owners that make this the home for their fish have nothing but positive comments to say about the Aquarius 5 gallon fish tank. The rounded corners lend a unique look and easy clean up to the tank, and the LED lighting is much more than you would expect from a bundled kit. The filter really leaves nothing more to want and is gentle enough for bettas.